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Manpower Outsourcing has been a business very close to Karma. When we started off as K S Services in 1999, temp staffing solutions were among the first business offerings that we promoted. We have managed to grow this vertical significantly, and are proud that today we have over 5000 employees deployed successfully at various locations. The fact that Karma’s reach has been so vast has helped us greatly.

Our network and presence continue to be our greatest strength, making our solutions viable, coupled with the standards we have maintained through the years. When considering mass hiring, Karma does not merely provide the necessary staffing requirement, but ensures that we provide a help desk, look into all salary disbursements and manage and maintain employee compliance. We take the business of flexi staffing a step forward. We begin with induction and completion of all joining formalities, manage employee compliance and also payroll management, and take charge of the process right through to the full and final settlement, ensuring a unified, flawless experience to our partners.

Our approach has always been responsive and flexible to accommodate the varying needs that each of our clients has had. Balancing both client and staff welfare, we have maintained an exquisite balance that has met requirements at both ends remarkably well. A combination of industry knowledge, staffing needs and support, as well as continued interactions with clients and workforce alike is what has set us apart in the domain of Manpower Outsourcing, and has propelled us to where we stand today.

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