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karma management HR Audit AUDIT & COMPLIANCE

Audit and compliance forms the core of Karma’s existence, right from its inception as Kishor Vaidya & Co. We set the highest standards in both establishment and vendor compliance. To facilitate operations and ensure seamless delivery, we have invested heavily in developing our own proprietary software tools to help generate, compile and maintain all records and registers. We began with karma management HR Audit – an automated tool that helps monitor vendor compliance, and has radically changed the way audits are conducted and studied in an organisation.

The ancillary support of karma management HR Audit and karma management HR Audit help to manage and maintain records of all employees across locations and helps retrieve and use data to ensure that the company was not just compliant, but also managing operations with greater structure.

Our most prized offering is corn karma management HR Audit – a portal that brings together all information related to labour laws in India, including Acts, notifications and reckoners, this is verily the Encyclopaedia for an HR professional. Be it PF, PAN India Minimum Wages, the Maternity Benefit Act or the Payment of Bonus Act, it’s all here. To make the experience more interactive, we have also added a blog where Acts and updations are regularly discussed.

We now bring you the improved experience of artificial intelligence in audit & compliance. Our chatbot SMERA offers you real-time solutions to all your compliance related queries, allowing for a customized, enhanced interface.

In a nutshell, these are the offerings from the Audit & Compliance on PAN India basis:

Establishment Compliance

 Establishment Audit
 Establishment Visits
 Managing Registers And Records
 Filing Challans And Returns
 Registrations And Renewal
 Inspection Management

Vendor Compliance

 Vendor Audit
 Inspection Management
 Registration And Renewal Of Licenses