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Canada’s Manitoba Province’s Labour Group asking for more hike although minimum wage goes up by 50 cents from October 1.  

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Canada’s Manitoba Province’s Labour Group asking for more hike although minimum wage goes up by 50 cents from October 1.   

Manitoba’s minimum wage is set to increase by 50 cents on Oct. 1.

Premier Wab Kinew says the increase to $15.80 an hour is in line with the rate of inflation as set under provincial law. Kinew hinted future wage increases could be higher, but would not commit to more than the basic formula requires for now.

“We’re keeping with the framework that’s in place right now. Certainly, we’ll have engagements and conversations with many folks about this,” Kinew said.

Kinew also pointed to affordability measures the NDP has announced, such as a temporary suspension of the provincial fuel tax that took effect in January, as a way to help people.

But some labour and anti-poverty groups want the NDP government to do more.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour says the wage needs to rise much more to bring people out of poverty.  It further added, we believe that minimum wage should be a living wage. “I think everyone agrees with the premise that when you work full time, you shouldn’t live in poverty, but still today, for thousands of Manitobans, that’s the reality.”

Provincial law allows for the minimum wage to be raised faster than inflation, under changes enacted by the former Progressive Conservative government.

The Tories raised the minimum wage twice last year, by a combined $1.80 an hour. The Tories, now in Opposition, accused the NDP on Wednesday of backtracking from earlier commitments to set a living wage.

Manitoba will increase its minimum wage by 50 cents to $15.80 per hour, following a CPI-indexed formula established annually. As part of RCC’s Vote Retail Election Campaign last year, the NDP had committed to RCC they would follow this inflation-sensitive indexing model, and we are pleased that despite pressure from labour groups, they have held true to their word.  RCC has long advocated for a predictable non-political formula for adjusting minimum wage, that went from $11.95 to $15.30 over three increases during the final year of the previous government.

Josh Brandon, a community animator with the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, said he expected the NDP to move toward a living wage, based on their policies before being elected.  He added further “We know that for low-income families, the cost of things like food, shelter, transportation … is going up even faster than the overall rate of inflation,”

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