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Goa cracks down on pharma companies for planning recruitment drives outside the state

Sweeping technological advancements are creating a sea change in today’s regulatory environment. The pace of development of today’s technological innovations and the scope of the transformations they induce is indeed unprecedented. At times, regulatory frameworks are not agile enough to accommodate the fast pace of innovation and, as a consequence, existing rules become outdated and no longer relevant. 

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 Goa Government comes down on pharma companies for failing to adhere to regulatory compliance !     

Pharmaceutical companies, which make up a significant chunk of Goa’s manufacturing sector and a large source of employment, are facing flak for holding recruitment camps outside the state. 

 Indoco Remedies was forced to cancel a recruitment camp organised at Boisar in suburban Mumbai. The company cited unavoidable circumstances and chief minister Pramod Sawant’s intervention as the reasons behind the cancellation of the recruitment.

 On May 22, in a letter addressed to the CM Sawant, Indoco Remedies, which operates a plant at Goa’s Verna Industrial Estate and which had planned to organise walk-in interviews at Boisar on May 24, informed that “due to some avoidable circumstances and your personal intervention” the interviews were being cancelled. 

 Encube Ethicals is also facing flak from for hosting a walk-in interview drive in Pune.

Opposition parties in Goa have alleged that the camps being held outside the state was “an attempt to avoid hiring Goans” and an “affront to Goa.”

 The assurance came after opposition parties  accused the government of reneging on its promise to have Goa-based pharmaceutical companies give first preference to local candidates in their hiring processes. 

 “I had warned the Goa government of pharma companies engaging in such deviousness, both in the (Legislative) Assembly and outside and was assured of strict action. I want the Goa CM to immediately intervene and stand up for Goemkars (Goans) running from pillar to post in search of jobs. If Goans do not benefit from industries in #Goa, why have them here in the first place?” Sardesai said.

 Bring regulation, or create policy, do what must be done to protect the job opportunities that local Goans rightfully deserve,” added Sardesai. 

 The Goa Labour Minister Atanasio Monserrate said that before advertising such recruitment drives, it must first be “checked whether the workforce is available in Goa or not”. He also said that the Labour department should be informed of the plan. “The companies should send their requirements to the employment exchange first, and then the employment exchange can sponsor some candidates and companies can decide on recruitment. This has not been done,” he said.

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