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Harvard’s crackdown on Gaza protest violated US labor law, union claims

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USA’s United Auto Workers protest over Harvard University’s violation of labor laws!     

Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers filed unfair labor practice charges against Harvard on Wednesday with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the University’s response to the pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard violated the rights of student workers

 In the filing, HGSU-UAW also accused Harvard of surveillance. On Monday, Harvard University Police Department officers entered the encampment and took pictures of protestors.

 “The way that we see it is any kind of disciplinary action levelled at student workers that implicates their ability to work and their employment at the University as a student worker is a labor issue,” HGSU President Bailey A. Plaman said.

“This discriminates against and creates a hostile work environment for many different nationalities including  Palestinian student workers,” Plaman said. “Student workers were disciplined for protesting these unfair and unsafe working conditions which we see as discrimination for exercising their right to protest which is protected by the NLRB, and discrimination for their political beliefs, which are protected by our contract with the University.

 Harvard also violated federal law by denying employees union representation in disciplinary investigation meetings, and unilaterally changing policies about their access to areas of campus in order to discourage them from protesting, the labor group alleged. 

 The alleged retaliation targeted by the complaint includes moves such as suspending students for participating in the encampment, which can also cause them to lose their jobs, according to the union. The university denied wrongdoing. 

 The UAW represents around 100,000 US academic employees, including around 5,000 Harvard PhD candidates and undergrads doing teaching and research. For weeks, students including UAW members maintained an encampment near the university president’s office, demanding the school disclose and discontinue investments in Israel.

 Protest leaders and university administrators announced on Tuesday that they reached an agreement to take down the tents, with Harvard agreeing to answer questions about its endowment and to consider requests to reinstate suspended protesters, but not to divest.

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