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Karma Management’s Global Contingent Workforce Management Division or commonly known in the industry as “Outsourcing” is delighted to share the latest news on the impact that its creme-de-la-creme services, viz. payroll and outsourcing , has created on the shores beyond India in a developing and emerging country called Philippines.

Karma Management Global Tech Firm, also known as Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions, has been garnering a lot of business calls from its contacts abroad, especially in countries like U.S., U.K., Middle East, Asia and Far East, who have been approaching us for outsourcing either their manpower or some of their functions especially payroll, outsourcing and regulatory responsibilities which has elicited great response from these Global Clients of ours and domestic clients as well.

After having heard of the kind of digital transformation initiatives taken up by Karma Global Tech Firm, more and more Global Clients are stepping up their effort to contract with us either for manpower or for specialized functions like payroll and statutory laws , on-boarding and retention, risk management audits together with environment, health and safety audits.

Undoubtedly, There are some good outsourcing companies/agencies in the Philippines , however, Karma Management has been able to win a comfortable slot in the outsourcing/payroll business in the Philippines amongst all of them , is quite a laudable achievement.

In fact, recently as 23rd December 2021 , Karma Management won the “Most Trusted Tech Enhanced Compliance & Governance Management Consulting Company of the Year “ Award 2021 for Tech Enabled Systems. The Top Notch Foundation which is a leading Research and Analysis Consultant from Delhi , found our powerful software tools viz. (1) WeChecked and (2) WeProcess highly creditable with all round integration features.

The two of our most prominent software tools viz. WeChecked and WeProcess have been giving us immense leverage, helping us to use the full potential of its features in our payroll and outsourcing processes , for the benefit of local and global clients engaged with us.

The business process outsourcing industry is still among the continuously growing industries in the Philippines. The value and benefits of outsourcing in this developing/emerging country becomes all the more prominent with many companies exploring ways and means to garner business and Karma Management has been very fortunate to get a good foot hold on payroll/outsourcing business in this country where the economy of the Philippines is the world’s 32nd largest economy by nominal GDP according to the International Monetary Fund 2021 and the 12th largest economy in Asia, and the 3rd largest economy in the ASEAN after Indonesia and Thailand.

Karma Management, which was established in the year 2004, started by offering services such as payroll and payroll compliance, outsourcing and labour law compliances, and has today proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Karma’s team has today grown to a sizeable number and currently it even has its own marketing, sales, social media, IT and web development teams to support its business core processes by continuously re-inventing and re-engineering the work flow of each of its processes in India and abroad.

Karma Management has experienced substantial benefits from its payroll and outsourcing processes and these two verticals have given ample opportunity to their other businesses as a consequence of offering unique and economical business solutions that benefit both clients and outsourced employees as well.

Today, Karma Management’s outsourcing services offer a wide range of services , some of which are listed below :

· Payroll

· Payroll statutory compliances

· Talent Acquisition

· On-boarding

· Employee Life Cycle

· Performance Management

· Rewards and Recognition

· Training and development

· Wellness and health programs

· Career and growth development

· Employee Engagement

· Corporate Social Responsibility

· Ex-Alumni events and programs

· Employee Motivation survey

As far as Technology and Operations are concerned, Karma Management is one of the most valuable brands and it has enough expertise to handle a wide range of functions , notably which stand out are technology and operations. By providing knowledge, proficiency , know-how and efficiently designed quality solutions , it has become an acceptable fact that Karma Management can totally be relied upon when it comes to any crux of the matter hinging on our payroll/outsourcing services. This has enabled our clients and customers to have a predictive and personalized customer experience which has placed Karma Management in the top league for affordable payroll/outsourced staffing solutions.

If you are a small, medium or large enterprise looking for quality business solutions in areas of payroll, talent acquisition, outsourcing or regulatory compliances which deserves best attention for your businesses to grow and multiply, you may kindly take our word or you may even approach our clients for testimonials but before that, please contact us for initial information and meeting so that we can talk more on your needs and how we’ll customize a proposal and solution exclusively for you. Our Sales and Marketing Teams look forward to your call on our board lines (022) 43 44 44 44 and we are there all times to serve you with that kind of service which will be remembered for a long time.

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