Director’s Message

I strongly believe that every establishment should strive to stay afloat in the area of labour law compliances as no doubt there will be issues and concerns but like it is said, taking a little bit of extra stretch or walking an extra mile, with perseverance the matters can always get resolved.

In any unknown situation, we do face a number of challenges and here again, there will be challenges but the idea is to stay focused and if done, the results can be exceedingly overwhelming and satisfying.

I have been in this field for about 30 years since its inception in 1979 when I started out in a small way undertaking only PF and ESI work with some small selected clients to my credit. However, I have not only immensely grown in this journey but have also myself acquired tremendous knowledge and learning under the weight of hundreds of acts which has given a new perspective to my thought process and understanding the finer nuances of each one of them.

I therefore wish that almost all or most of you will take a leaf out of my book and devote or prioritize some of your time in this direction to constantly check the health compliance status of your establishment and I am sure that in the long run you will definitely be free of the many hassles and issues that surround the compliances. In this way, the risk that your establishment will be exposed to will be much lower than otherwise and I wish you all the very best. Of course, if you need my advisory help or support, I will always be on call and you are free to contact me at any point of time.