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About comply4HR

We have been in the business of providing labour law compliance services to corporate india for over a decade.

As we expanded our operations across the country, we realised that one of the biggest challenges in implementing the letter of the law was the differing requirements in every state. We also realised how difficult it was to get accurate information regarding the laws in each state.

As part of our drive for excellence, we began bulding a database of laws and updates in most states in the country. Over time, the database grew more reliable and accurate and served as our internal knowledge base for delivering PAN-India compliance. We have now decided to give something back to the labour law community and share the knowledge we have carefully accumulated. Comply4HR contains acts, rules, minimum wages, forms, schedules, notifications and other information for most states in the country. A few states are work in progress and yet to be covered. You can see a full list of coverage here. Registration to the site is free and provides you access to the law library for one state and full access to minimum wages, ready reckoners, the forum and other features. The forum is the place if you have any queries or need information on any aspect of labour laws. We are hoping that this forum will bring together the community. Subscription options are also available for access to multiple states and for value added features like checklists, calendars, register formats and other compliance resources. We hope the community appreciates this resource and also contributes to it by helping us fill gaps in information and expand our database.

The editors: Kishor Vaidya, Pratik Vaidya and Ananth Srinivasan

Click link for complete details and free registration: www.comply4hr.com


Benefits of eDoc

E-doc is a tool that helps us create registers and records under various labor laws in India.

  • • Built in formats for many states across the country. Upload employee data into our database using provided templates.
  • • Software produces all registers and records for all branches/locations
  • • Users in branches/sites can be authorized to retrieve all records for their sites Part of the comply4HR labor law compliance suite
Click link for complete details : www.edoc.karmamgmt.com


v-check is a web tool which is exclusively developed by Karma. It help us manage vendor compliance with labour laws better.

Need of V-check

  • • Non-compliance exposes legal as well as financial liabilities of organizations.
  • • V-Check makes it easy for organizations to track and monitor various legal compliances and reduce risk
Click link for complete details : www.simplifyhr.com/vcheck


e-check is a web tool which is exclusively developed by Karma. It helps organizations to carry out compliances under various labor laws in smooth way.

Need of e-check

  • • Registration and Renewal Tracker.
  • • Inspection and Notice Tracker.
Click link for complete details : www.echeck.karmamgmt.com


About talent4HR

Our own online portal which gives exclusivity to an individual candidate to key all the elements of his profile into our system which has the potential of reaching our various clientele in the shortest possible time frame in regard to accelerating into the next step of "profile scrutiny" cum "short listing" followed by an automated revert. Our purpose is twofold:

To help clients achieve their business goals by connecting the best talent with the best employers

To enable candidates to achieve their career goals by matching them with the best employers in their desired field.

Our clients include some of the world's best known engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, banks, insurance companies, telecom, fund managers, brokerage firms, accountancy and consulting firms, and other financial institutions. We help them to identify, attract and recruit the business critical talent they need. We connect professionals with some of the industry's best opportunities to enable them to achieve their career goals.

Having presence over three decades into HR & HR Consulting, we're recognized as one of the market leaders in this arena.

Working at a strategic level, we develop and deliver bespoke solutions designed to meet our clients' specific challenges. This comprises permanent and contract recruitment, executive search, talent management consultancy (including salary surveys, location strategies, talent mapping, and diversity consulting and organizational design) and managed services. Many of our expert account managers, consultants and recruiters come directly from the specific industry themselves. They work in specialist teams built around the sectors we serve (Banking and Capital Markets, Commodities, Asset Management, Insurance, Financial Services and Retail and Corporate Banking). This means we fully understand the issues and challenges faced by our clients and we know how and where to engage with the best talent. Our network of offices are based across 21 PAN India locations. This gives us a broad national reach and deep local knowledge. We can support our clients and our candidates wherever they are in the world. By putting the right people in the right places we create success for our clients, success for our candidates and success for our employees.  

Click link for complete details and free registration : www.talent4hr.com



OUR MISSION: We are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering quality bespoke HR solutions and services consistent with industry best practices and delivering great employee experience. OUR VISION: To be a leading HR consulting firm providing tech enabled HR solutions to build stakeholder experience. OUR EXPERTISE:
  • • Experienced team of professionals
  • • Shaping global HR solutions
  • • Over 3 decades of experience in exceeding client expectations.
  • • Agility in delivery
  • • Diligent hands-on approach
  • • Achievement oriented business results
  • • Established back-end team
  • • Alliances to manage scale of business
  • • Global delivery
  • • HR Solutions that reduce cost
  • • Leveraging plug and play digital solutions
Click link for complete details : www.shareyourhr.com

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