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Payroll Management System:

The world of payroll is vast and dynamic. What drives this business is the fact that payroll and payroll management system have grown to encompass various nuances and become a more inclusive service that takes into consideration various aspects, and therein become a more integrated service offering.

Payroll outsourcing companies,

who use conventional methods of book keeping; which are obsolete today. HR automation is the catchword that really propels the world of payroll management. Payroll management services in India have become competitive and inclusive – integrating HRMS, HRIS and workforce management solutions.

Karma partners with Opportune to build an HR automation platform which not only combines the latest practices but also adopts a futuristic approach to take the experience a step beyond. This cloud based offering takes into account every dimension of payroll processing and ensures a complete and accurate experience that helps monitor, plan and forecast accurately.

We bring the best of Time and attendance, including biometrics, shifts and their planning, attendance and late coming trackers. In planning leaves, our platform combines not just leave types and policy, but also computation and factoring of outdoor working.

Payroll Services

includes several parameters like earnings and deductions, salary structure (including statutory compliances), investments, taxes and arrears. By ensuring these are all automated we eliminate any scope of error and also create an integrated platform that covers employees across locations, verticals and job roles.

Using various other tools like Employee self service, performance management, travel claims, talent acquisition and compliance, Karma ensures that every Payroll requirement is met with in real time, and ensuring accuracy. We make payroll smooth, timely, accurate and hassle free.

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