Skill Centre

Skill Enhancement and Employability Centre

Managing the industry skills challenge

The key economic mechanisms through which Skill Enhancement and Employability Centre is likely to affect balance employment is through its impact on the effective skilled labour supply and industry production and its services.

Our Objective

The objective is to empower the potential candidates and upgrade their skills and equip them with Industry expectation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support individuals and businesses by providing skills learning system and skilled manpower that helps them to reach their potential in contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Propose Outcomes

  • ● Enabling People to Meet Their Potential
  • ● Making Skills Work for Employers
  • ● Working Together to Improve the Skills and Learning System
  • ● Achieving Organizational Excellence



Keeping in view the declining demand for unskilled labour and the challenge of preparing India’s workforce for future needs in employment market, the Skill Enhancement and Employability Centre has undertaken a skill learning, skill Enhancement, pre-employment orientation program and employment for potential candidates as well as to create the skilled workforce for sector Industries.
Skill Enhancement and Employability Centre works with its associates across the state to deliver the following key services to Individuals and Employers;

For Individuals;

Supports people to help them achieve career success. With partners, Centre for Skill Enhancement and Employability delivers face to face career information, advice and guidance through its Skill Learning Centre’s.

Helping people build the skills to manage their career throughout their lifetime, including;

  • ● Choosing a career and getting ready for employment
  • ● Progressing in the workplace
  • ● Up-skilling, such as being able to use new technology
  • ● Adapting to change, such as redundancy or transferring skills to something new


For Employers;

Supports employers to use skills development for growth and success.
Our partner helps businesses develop and plan their workforce. It contains national and local information on the skills support available from various ITI’s and other VTP’s in the vicinity. Employers can flag their specific skills needs and be assisted to the best package of support available.
SEEC makes sure that it understands the employer and industry issues both to shape services to individuals and to provide career management related information to employer. SEEC also works with employers and industry groups to articulate and priorities skills development needs in sectors. SEEC also delivers tailored support to specific requirements from sector Industry.