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karma management HR Audit AUDIT & COMPLIANCE

HR Audit and Compliance forms the core of Karma’s existence. It was to help service the needs of otherwise ill-informed clients that Kishor Vaidya & Co. began its mission in 1979 – catering primarily to PF and ESI compliance. With time, the nature and services at Karma have evolved to become more dynamic and all encompassing.

Karma has carved a niche in both vendor and establishment compliance – covering every conceivable facet to make the experience complete. Combining our expertise with our Pan India presence, we have not just every service offering, but every location covered.

To facilitate operations and ensure seamless delivery, we have invested heavily in developing our own proprietary software tools to help generate, compile and maintain all records and registers. We began with karma management HR Audit – an automated tool that helps monitor vendor compliance. The presence of karma management HR Audit radically changed the way audits were conducted and studied in an organisation.

The ancillary support of karma management HR Audit and karma management HR Audit help to manage and maintain records of all employees across locations and helps retrieve and use data to ensure that the company was not just compliant, but also managing operations with greater structure.

The launch of karma management HR Audit will always be among our greatest highs. A portal that brings together all information related to labour laws in India, including Acts, notifications and reckoners, this is verily the Bible for an HR professional. Be it PF, PAN India Minimum Wages, the Maternity Act or the Bonus Act, it’s all here. To make the experience more interactive, we also added in a blog where Acts and updations are regularly discussed.

Our endeavour has been to make compliance easier, and its functions more streamlined. This isn’t where we look to stop. We will continue to bring you augmented services and offerings that can help make your job easier. Take a step back, and let us take over your world of Human Resource Audit and Compliance.

Our Expertise

Establishment Compliance

• Establishment audit
• Establishment visits
• Managing registers and records
• Filing challans and returns
• Registrations and renewal
• Inspection management

Vendor Compliance

• Vendor audit
• Inspection management
• Registration and renewal of licenses


The world of payroll is vast and dynamic. What drives this business is the fact that payroll and payroll management have grown to encompass various nuances and become a more inclusive service that takes into consideration various aspects, and therein become a more integrated service offering.

Gone are the days of payroll outsourcing companies, who use conventional methods of book keeping; which are obsolete today. HR automation is the catchword that really propels the world of payroll management. Payroll management services in India have become competitive and inclusive – integrating HRMS, HRIS and workforce management solutions.

Karma partners with Opportune to build an HR automation platform which not only combines the latest practices but also adopts a futuristic approach to take the experience a step beyond. This cloud based offering takes into account every dimension of payroll processing and ensures a complete and accurate experience that helps monitor, plan and forecast accurately.

We bring the best of Time and attendance, including biometrics, shifts and their planning, attendance and late coming trackers. In planning leaves, our platform combines not just leave types and policy, but also computation and factoring of outdoor working.

Payroll includes several parameters like earnings and deductions, salary structure (including statutory compliances), investments, taxes and arrears. By ensuring these are all automated we eliminate any scope of error and also create an integrated platform that covers employees across locations, verticals and job roles.

Using various other tools like Employee self service, performance management, travel claims, talent acquisition and compliance, Karma ensures that every Payroll requirement is met with in real time, and ensuring accuracy. We make payroll smooth, timely, accurate and hassle free.

Payroll management

• Time and attendance
• Leave management
• Payroll
• Payroll Compliance
• HR workflow
• Employee self service
• Performance management
• Travel claims

karma management manpower MANPOWER OUTSOURCING

Manpower Outsourcing has been a business very close to Karma. When we started off as K S Services in 1999, temp staffing solutions were among the first business offerings that we promoted. We have managed to grow this vertical significantly, and are proud that today we have over 5000 employees deployed successfully at various locations. The fact that Karma’s reach has been so vast has helped us greatly. Our network and presence continue to be our greatest strength, making our solutions viable, coupled with the standards we have maintained through the years. When considering mass hiring, Karma does not merely provide the necessary staffing requirement, but ensures that we provide a help desk, look into all salary disbursements and manage and maintain employee compliance. We take the business of flexi staffing a step forward. We begin with induction and completion of all joining formalities, manage employee compliance and also payroll management, and take charge of the process right through to the full and final settlement, ensuring a unified, flawless experience to our partners. Our approach has always been responsive and flexible to accommodate the varying needs that each of our clients has had. Balancing both client and staff welfare, we have maintained an exquisite balance that has met requirements at both ends remarkably well. A combination of industry knowledge, staffing needs and support, as well as continued interactions with clients and workforce alike is what has set us apart in the domain of Manpower Outsourcing, and has propelled us to where we stand today.

Mass hiring

• Salary disbursement
• Help desk
• Employee compliance management

Flexi staffing

• Recruitment support
• Joining formalities
• Induction
• Payroll processing
• Full and final settlement
• Employee compliance management


karma management recruitment RECRUITMENT

As Karma has grown over the years, so has its outreach and its vision. And we have constantly aligned our goals in accordance with the times. From a mere provider, we envision ourselves today as a company that Empowers. We empower people to find the right fit in terms of their skill and the job they choose. We empower companies by allowing them access to candidates who can serve their needs best. We empower them to grow and reach greater heights by using the greatest asset that is available – human capital.

The arena of recruitment is vast. We started as recruitment consultant over a decade ago; it wasn’t a new business avenue too. And even while being such a populated business vertical we found that the potential available was incredible. Karma today caters to requirements across almost all verticals ranging from hospitality to banking, and from construction to automobiles.

It is in the manner in which recruitments are handled by Karma that makes our service special. Our role does not confine itself to finding the right match between prospect and company. It is, instead a detailed process that starts with resume sourcing, and recruitment process sourcing. Our understanding of industry drivers and sensitivities has always been our biggest advantage.

Whether with back office hiring, or even lateral hiring, Karma has been best placed with our clients, our resources and processes to ensure we deliver only the best. Regardless of whether providing for mid management, or even freshers through campus recruitments, we are everywhere that you find a need. Our executive search services ascertain and meet your needs perfectly.

karma management recruitment


• Executive search
• Recruitment process outsourcing
• Resume sourcing
• Lower to mid level recruitment
• Back office recruitment
• Lateral hiring
• Campus connect
• Aptitude/psychometric testing


karma management recruitment LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT

• Organising open workshop
• Empanelled trainers availables
• Classroom facility available