Outsourcing – Contingent Worker - What is the service about?

The Global Contingent Workforce Management Team works similar to the Professional Serviced Office Solutions Center, which is customer-oriented with the ultimate objective of cobbling all the outsourced people, contingent workers, or contingent labour at different levels and locations together as a cohesive unit to make it work as “One Organization” despite being a sub-part of many different Client Organizations engaged with us for outsourced serviceable delivery.


Each organization that has contracted their HR outsourcing services or contingent workers to us comes with their own mindset, strata of skills, and levels of work experience; however, Karma Management’s expertise in adding up to the ability to fulfill the ultimate purpose of helping and paving a rightful career path for all the contingent labour or employees on board the outsourced Karma Brand is the culmination of business acumen that shapes Karma Management, regardless of the challenges along the way.

For all contingent workers or employees on board Karma Management’s HR Outsourcing Services business vertical, the question that may arise is the ability to manage various business situations. As contingent workers or employees in tens of thousands are outsourced far and wide across the length and breadth of India, however, Karma Management believes in not just limiting the contingent worker or employee skill set to just a single skill but rather training its contingent labour or employees to inculcate several different skills to build durable and strong business acumen.

Karma Management makes several approaches in the business of being a foremost HR outsourced company. Instead of just focusing on the most cost-effective, accessible, and quicker ways of supporting a customer with on time delivery and results, our outsourced teams, or, to say, contingent workers, are so aligned with customer needs that the ultimate customer experience feels effortless and incredible. Karma Management’s backend and front end teams facing clients together with deployed contingent resources at clients’ locations are all interwoven like a triangle, putting its best foot forward with the single motive in every team member to carry out the vision. The deployed outsourced staff or contingent workforce has just two aspects before them: one is to listen to the customers, and the second is to give customers what is precious to them rather than looking at our own business values.

In today’s highly ever-changing economic and regulatory environment with the 4 new labor codes setting in, the scenario has become highly volatile. However, given the stature of Karma Management’s global contingent outsourced vertical being in this field for almost 20 years right from 2004 onwards, HR outsourced activities revolving around the outsourced employees or contingent workers as well as compliance activities required to be fulfilled for each of the outsourced employees are handled by Karma Management with aplomb in the light of the expertise that it commands today.

Any Clients’  Organization’s decision to outsource employees on our rolls and to manage the compliance activities as well, Karma Management takes upon itself the need for cost optimization as well as any other pressures that may come along. As such, we can give such Client Organizations that have entrusted their outsourcing business or contingent workforce management to us,  all the benefits arising from the size of our operations, which are PAN India and Global, as well as the dual benefit of adopting industry’s best practices along with all regulatory demands, to make it easy on the  Client Organizations, leaving them sufficient time to attend to their own objectives.


Outsourcing - What value does the client get?

The main gain for any Client Organization that has contracted with Karma Management for the deployment of the contingent workforce or outsourcing staff at its locations, anywhere in India or abroad, is that its own in-house staff can focus on its core business objectives and short- and long-term business goals, which enables the Client Organization to spend all its time on their own pressing core business needs. Karma Management aims to create opportunities for Client Organizations in its endeavor to bring about sustainable value creation. With the vast infrastructure and resources at hand across the country and the changes that keep on happening, Karma Management always plans well ahead in moving to a sustainable industrial system, focusing on inputs, processes, and outputs. Although it firmly believes that its existing outsourced model of the able contingent workforce does successfully create, deliver, and capture economic value, it has also started putting efforts in other directions in order to get a wider perspective of debating with industry leaders and engaging itself in forums, commerce centers, and apex bodies for better improvements in understanding, identification, and utilization of interrelationships and linkages than going by linear methodology. This kind of networking has helped Client Organizations and Karma Management integrate multiple factors in managing their outsourced resources or contingent workforce amidst the prevailing dynamic business environment.


Karma Management, spearheading the change and helping Client Organizations to manage all the elements of  people, processes, and technology, has benefited global and domestic client organizations by leaps and bounds. Achieving outsourced operational efficiency by optimizing and driving a deeply rooted linkage between the three, i.e., people, processes, and technology, the actions of the outsourced staff or contingent workers have been highly effective and, in turn, have given the Client Organizations a value-added perspective and success to the PPT-model, so ingrained in the working abilities of Karma Management, an “HR-Outsourcing-Company,” or better known as “Contingent-Workforce-Organization.” Moreover, Client-Organizations feedback has been very encouraging, as Karma Management has maintained a perfect balance in the 3 PPTs, where it has given equal attention to people, processes, and technology without neglecting or cutting anyone, driving an impeccable balance with the right people and the right communication.

All our outsourced staff or contingent labour are well trained on the ways of achieving the desired results by going beyond the call of duty, rather than having people fit the position. Karma Management takes a step forward in giving a valued service to “Global Client Organizations”  by utilizing the capabilities of the deployed outsourced staff to focus on the key steps of giving end results, thereby impacting process efficiency as well.

Achievable metrics have been set in place to measure success at the end of the day, end of the week, and end of the month, depending on the kind of changes that are happening in the market, in the people, and in the processes and technology as well. Karma Management has maintained a strategy in place to adapt to the anticipated changes with full vigor and energy in order to maintain its highly acceptable Global Contingent HR Outsourcing Services. Karma has always turned its expertise into value for Client Organizations, so much so that it goes a step beyond generating actionable insights with the stepping up of the digital era in the framework of the customers  journey to plan, reach, act, convert, and engage with KPIs in place to measure metrics in achieving the goals for effective end results.

Outsourcing - When to use this model?


Outsourcing - What process do we follow and what tools do we use?

With AI disrupting with its advent in every possible area, including Global Contingent HR Outsourcing Operations, Karma Management did not waste much time jumping on this AI bandwagon; on the contrary, it made ample inroads wherever possible by making AI an integral part of all its businesses, and thus we have AI helping to optimize for delivering and answering all common questions derived through predictive AI algorithms.

Karma has increasingly thrust the spheres of AI characteristics into pre-employment screening or scheduling meetings or interviews with candidates to meet outsourcing demands. Karma was quick to realize that AI and automation for such tasks expedite getting candidates onboard seamlessly, rather than examining the qualities of each employee in silos and working in a bubble.

All our outsourcing services are fully automated with the latest state-of-the-art technology for providing effective results through predictive analysis. Right from employee management to learning and training modules, including sourcing and onboarding, all the activities are effectively augmented via the adoption of AI.  Karma Management , as an Outsourcing Company, has used AI to optimize resources and expedite processes. At the same time, wherever human intervention is required in certain critical and deserving areas, a balance has been maintained to make maximum use of both elements, i.e., being human-centric as well as AI-centric.

Our outsourcing services, consisting of contingent labor, continue to strive and make the fullest use of AI in order to realize the full potential of such technologies in the professional spheres, and Karma Management will continue with such transformations with all gusto in its endeavor to give Client Organizations a “10x Customer Experience and Delight,” thereby increasing the level of outsourcing services to a dizzy height.

Inbuilt Tools : Both the tools, viz.BumbleBee and Fulcrum are primarily designed to work for processes that are related to the human resources domain; they have the potential to address and transform the entire landscape of business involving all different domains.

The highly incredible tool “FULCRUM”  is a valuable digital container that holds together as a cohesive unit all the tasks and subtasks, not only within the organization but also outside it. The tool can create meeting schedules and exchange a plethora of emails between the clients and the stakeholders. With the ability to monitor progress and closure of tasks and sub-tasks at various stages, the final outcome of this tool is to provide real-time successful completion of the given tasks by different units, which inevitably leads to customer delight and risk-free compliance management.

We build our clients reputations along the way while pursuing the organization’s manpower needs through our efficient and qualified professional expertise, customer satisfaction, and innovative central strategy creation, which we render to the global outsourced contingent workforce, keeping in mind the current trend, both conventional and contemporary, for all inner enterprises closely associated. The testimonials given by distinguished and satisfied customers add to our reputation as the most well-versed and expert outsourcing organization.

Regardless of the type of establishment, size, or scheme, our outsourcing services focus mainly on the safety, compliance, and quality of resources placed satisfactorily worldwide to deliver excellent results.

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