What is the service about ?

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions’ Payroll Vertical has already made its foray into the international payroll processing world for countries like the UK, Philippines, Indonesia, and still many others are in the pipeline for the wonderful offerings that our system provides. The capabilities of our cohesive payroll processor are invariably extensive. There are numerous HRMS software programs available in the market, but what makes our processor stand out and have a distinct edge over others, is the very fact that all the tasks and sub-tasks are automatically driven by a newly evolved platform called “Fulcrum.” As the word itself says, this spindle or axle is a key factor that rotates or hinges all the payroll tasks and subtasks into an efficient shaft in a time-bound manner, totally disciplined to the various dates of the payroll cycle of our numerous clients on board.

We heartily take pride in this distinct payroll processor where there is absolutely no room for manual interventions and all streams of payroll essentials, right up to the disposition of statutory deductions and contributions, are churned out productively and efficiently with the aid of state-of-the-art technology called “My Payroll Buddy.” The mark up of attendance leading to the number of earned days, especially in the case of daily-rated employees in India, weekly-rated employees in some countries, and fortnightly-rated employees in other countries, can simply be uploaded, which means all the data points can automatically be populated in the system to give the final pay results. Also, those who work on biometrics or have installed an app called “Cuckoo,” which is an extension to punch attendance on GPS from any location, have been quite an attraction with many of the large-scale users where remote attendance capturing was quite an issue earlier. However, this notable feature has set aside all the worries of manual and remote attendance by simply punching or tapping the “cuckoo app” for attendance mark up from any location of any state territory, or province.

Besides the above creditworthy features, our HRMS software is equipped to take care of all the core payroll activities, like:


We are very clear about our ultimate endeavour, which does not dwell on building a mere relationship, but our constant guiding light will be to provide everlasting partnering support to all our clients in their bid to seamlessly run the pay-outs for their employees, errorless, efficiently, and timely without the hassles and exasperation, of various other accompaniments like:

What value does the clients get?


A comprehensive solution when it comes to payroll and statutory or social contributions, we provide customized solutions right from the smallest number of employees, starting with 20 to over lakhs of employees whose payroll and statutory contributions need to be generated timely, effortlessly, and unerringly. Globally speaking, given the kind of social security funding, health care levy, national pension, varying social security contributions, notice period, severance pay, taxation, various types of leave, including parental leave, paternity leave, and bereavement leave, coupled with differing pay cycles, all the hassles and bustles of data and figure execution are taken care of by the payroll processor and the knowledgeable employees handling the processor by remote control without the necessity of any physical interactions for clarity or clarifications.

Karma Management’s spearheading in driving change and helping client organizations to manage people, processes, and technology has benefited global and domestic client organizations by leaps and bounds. Achieving outsourced operational efficiency by optimizing and driving a deeply rooted linkage between the three, i.e., people, processes, and technology, the actions of the outsourced staff or contingent workers have been highly effective and, in turn, have given the client organizations a value-added perspective and success to the PPT model so ingrained in the working abilities of Karma Management as an HR Outsourcing Company, or better known as Contingent Workforce Organization. Client organization feedback has been very encouraging, as Karma Management has maintained a perfect balance in the 3 PPTs, where it has given equal attention to people, processes, and technology without neglecting or cutting anyone, driving an impeccable balance with the right people by means of an effective communication strategy.

Traditionally, the work done by employees was always prone to errors, which can be costly, and it was a daily routine to carry forward the corrections, month after month, which was time-consuming given the enormity of data requirements. However, with our ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications secured on a cloud-based server, errors stand at a negligible distance, being the handiwork of artificial intelligence automation.

The main takeaway for the clients will be using key performance indicators to drive and maintain high service standards, backed up by a solid foundation of data quality and consistency.

What tools do we use?


The reality is that highly graded and high-end technology can substantially reduce the cost of payroll administration and management and provide ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to add significant value to the business through improved quality of service, greater consistency, and by freeing up precious working moments of internal payroll resources to invest their time in more strategic activities. One of the many benefits of implementing our software will be that it will save a lot of time, effort and energy. Research shows that some typical mid-sized foreign companies do spend about 100 minutes per employee processing and administering payroll. However, the very companies that have entrusted their work to Karma Global Consulting Giants found the time taken to process payroll was just 16 minutes per employee during peak time, an astounding 85% reduction by way of optimizing efficiency.

We have our very own highly indigenized and customized payroll tool called “MY PAYROLL BUDDY.’ A super solution that has the best human resources and payroll software, the best team for payroll and its compliance services, and the only fully geared system to offer free and fully loaded content for compliance updates. The core strength of My Payroll Buddy is not just the payroll service offerings over the technology platform. but also fully equipped with payroll generation domain expertise spanning over a decade.

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