What is the service about ?

Providing a complete solution, covering every aspect of vendor inspection, we are a global network of qualified professionals in the domain of compliance, payroll, and governance, serving the top global companies in India with our robust techniques. Starting from day visits to inspection and verifications of the vendors, we maintain the operational timelines to do risk analysis and safeguard our clients from unnecessary hazards. With years of extensive research, our trained inspectors are capable to detect problems earlier in the process, saving you time, money and energy. With the determination to provide an accurate inspection program, we ensure that your product is delivered on time. We are recognized as leaders of inspection management, quality assurance and risk analyzers for the global market and we have built our reputation on our experience of offering vendor inspection services to reputed organizations in India and outside India too.

What value does the client get ?


Minimizing disruptions of your business is our aim and we do that with utmost efficiency and accuracy. Being in the industry for more than two decades, we understand that complex supply chains need to be managed in a way that minimizes risk, reduces cost and delay, improves safety and quality, and ensures compliance with local and international standards. All these considerations make quality vendor inspection services essential. With our unique quality verification solution, which ensures that the inspection meets all the regulatory requirements, we, with our expert staff provide timely and cost-effective support, with the added value of in-depth local knowledge. With an in-depth understanding of the inspection requirements given by the Labour Authority, we guide and support the client till the inspection is closed which ensures that the client is compiled.

What process do we follow and what tools do we use ?


We completely understand the inspection requirements given by the Labour Authority and with the help of our in-built tools, WE CHECKED and WE PROCESS, diligent and timely guidance is given to the clients on various fronts such as minutely reading the contents of the notice, preparation of documentation towards the fulfillment of the notice requirements, seeking an extension of time if required, checking and verifying the documents in conformity to the notice requirements, meeting the timelines or dates as set in by the authorities, visiting the department for submission of appropriate documents, obtaining acknowledgement on the same, rechecking to see whether any further or more documents are required for scrutiny and after periodic internal following up to ensure that inspection is closed.

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