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For over 20 years, Karma Global has been at the forefront of empowering global success as a leading provider of innovative Global Tech Consultants, serving clients worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to adaptability and market responsiveness has enabled us to harness the power of AI-ML & RPA, unleashing on-demand talent and setting new industry benchmarks.

Rooted in our heritage and preserving our strong foundation, our journey of evolution has been truly exceptional. Driven by the brilliance of our people and propelled by cutting-edge technology, we continuously envision the future of the industry and the success of our clients. Embrace boundless possibilities with us as we embark on this transformative voyage of success together.

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Global Talent Acquisition

Optimization plays a crucial role in Karma as far as the Global Talent Hunting Turf is concerned since process areas and connection points are seen as vital elements by Global Companies looking at hiring talent from India.

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Professional Tax

Professional tax is levied by, not all, but some of the State Governments on all individuals who earn a living through any source especially salaried employees and professionals including chartered accountants, doctors, freelancers, etc. subject to monthly salary amount exceeding the PT limit if any. 

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Register & Records

As per the Economic Census of Central Statistical Office done in the recent past, there are about over 7.00 crore establishments in agricultural and non-agricultural sectors combined who are required to maintain registers related to details of employees, their salaries, loans/recoveries, attendance, and so on

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Our Team

Kishor Vaidya


Pratik Vaidya

MD & CVO - SME - Technology, Labour Law

Sanjay Devmane

Chief of Staff

Abhishek Thakur

Sales Head (West/South Region)

Vikrant Pangarkar

Vice President, FM / WeProcess-Ops

Prachi Sarwankar

Compliance & Governance Head

Sanjay Bhardwaj

Sales Head (North Region)

Naveen Pasricha

Vice President, Payroll Compliance, Governance

Mugdha Naik

Outsource & NAPS Operations Head
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We pioneer cutting-edge tech, driving your business ahead in a dynamic market.

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Our seasoned team delivers tailored solutions across Cloud & and DevOps, AI, Data and analytics, and more.

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Our worldwide presence meets your unique local needs.

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