What is the service about ?

Excellent quality, reliable, most-sought-after, cost-effective, automated, and integrated payroll management is what we promise to deliver to all our clients. Payroll on the cloud is the value addition that really propels the complex world of payroll management, and that is exactly what Karma Management promises to deliver. To enhance effectively this process, we incorporate our in-house–made software tools known as” We-Process” and the AI-based Compliance Chat bot, which play a part in making our payroll management an extremely seamless one. Our payroll automation platform not only combines the latest practices and trends but also adopts a futuristic approach to take the experience a step beyond, right from biometric hardware implementation to time and attendance and leave management.

The first step is the payroll audit. A payroll audit is an analysis of a company’s payroll processes to ensure accuracy. Payroll audits examine essentials like active employees on board and left, pay rates, wages and statutory deductions, the tax liability of employees, and the employer’s duty to file the returns. Payroll managers have a big task of playing with voluminous numbers, checking and releasing the salary, statutory deductions, filing the returns, and much more.  It is important to check and review the processes at least once a quarter.


Payroll Audit procedures can help:

Payroll audit procedures ensure compliance with employment laws and payroll regulations:

A salary structure is a hierarchy of jobs that are assigned as per the salary range within an organization. These are composed of pay grades that reflect the value of a job within both the internal organization and the external job market. Providing a foundation for pay policy decisions and a method for fair pay practices, a salary structure lays down a strong foundation that helps the organization thrive in its efforts for future growth and expansion.

The third step is employee data management.

The maintenance of employee data management is of utmost importance, be it for the purpose of auditing, analysis, or legal needs. An employee database software is like a storage unit where one can store, manage, and track all employee data, and it contains a myriad of employee data fields such as name, age, job title, salary and so on for some human resource personnel   to refer to.  A comprehensive employee data management solution that acts as a single source of truth for all your employees’ data is the need of the hour if you are keen on effectively managing your organization’s personnel information. While the Employee Master stores the personal information of the employees, including their timesheet and leave details, the Human Resources Personnel manages the licenses, certificates, and bond documents physically in an orderly manner.  The Employee Lifecycle, as the name suggests, is the place where the entire work history of an employee from hiring to retiring is carefully stored. Manual data management methods are close to extinction in these modern times, and a digital solution is a mandate considering factors such as ease of access and the much required higher levels of accuracy and correctness. At Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Private Limited, all relevant information pertaining to employee details is stored digitally.

The fourth step is Management Information Systems (MIS)
1. Pay Process
2. Management Reports
3. Bonus & Gratuity Processing
4. Statutory Statements

What value does the client get ?

Conducting a payroll audit regularly can help any organization safeguard itself against payroll fraud. It also ensures that your tax calculations and deductions are accurate, along with making sure that proper payments and employee contributions are being made that are completely compliant with the necessary rules and regulations. With the payroll structure, it is easier to process the categorization of jobs into classes and/or grades. It also keeps track of the salaries of new employees and the dates of their annual increments and promotions. With MIS, our clients, at a glance, can have a look at the financial statements of their organization.

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