Temp Staffing Services – What is the service about!

Human Resource Management activities function as the third party from outside a Client Organization which acts as an Outsourcing Agency to cater to Manpower Outsourcing and Temp Staffing.

The role of Outsourcing Agency and Manpower Services is commendable because it gives the Client Organization a boost, keeps it free from all hassles of managing a complex workforce, and thus it is able to concentrate on its core business of managing the operations in a focused manner for an increase in productivity and profitability.

Subcontracting a major part of the Human Resource Management and Development with total outsourcing of contingent labour workforce on the rolls of a third party, the manpower outsourcing agency is able to perform specialized tasks in a perfect value chain environment.

Being perceived in the market as a top-in-class manpower outsourcing agency, this comes about only when an Organization raises its symbol of trust and confidence, and this not only, gets transferred to its products and services but also builds a significant value in all its client organizations and in turn, the long-standing reputation automatically gets developed.

A temp agency like Karma Management, managing the temp services, works with a lot of concentration in providing the best solutions to each of the requirements. It does not place all the needs in one basket but treats each requirement differently, by applying a different set of expertise, with a view to making the products and services stand out in a volatile market condition.


Temp Staffing Services – What is the process about?

There are many functions in the value chain like graphic design, supply, production, marketing, sales, logistics, IT, administration, finance and accounts, facility management, customer support, research, engineering, computer-aided design, diagnostic services, legal, and all of these are held together by a specific process. Each of the processes is of ultimate importance because the systematic undertaking of each of them gives a successful completion with accurate results.
Thus, it is here that Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. comes into prominence with its reputed background in the field as the best outsourcing agency, that is capable of providing outstanding talent and manpower resources be it temp staffing or permanent staff, or casual worker or contingent resource, etc.
The fine art of recruiting and onboarding candidates, leading to major accomplishments , is possible , only when :

  • Ordinary people , make extraordinary things happen
  • Expert staff members, look beyond time to stretch themselves to complete the stretched jobs of sourcing, selecting, and onboarding by meeting deadlines after deadlines
  • In the staffing process, each superior work is recognized and appreciated and becomes a bench-marked practice in Karma Management as a first-rated outsourced manpower agency.
  • Networking is high on the agenda, past, present, and future connections are all kept on high alert as great things come only from a high level of networking.

Outsourcing services to be successful including creating an atmosphere of a conducive environment for the employees, it is the ability of the outsourced servicing agency to control the processes diligently and Karma Management sets the ball rolling with its total expertise in house, having a staff strength of about 200 pan India catering to all the needs and services of manpower outsourcing.
Karma Management allows its staff members to focus with dedication on the work , both of internal employees as well as contingent labour or employees deployed in various client organizations who are seeking manpower outsourcing services.


Temp Staffing Services – what are the benefits to client organizations!

Karma Management caters to a vast clientele, so as to say, it covers all types of industry and any client organization looking out for the best-outsourced manpower agency, then the one-stop-shop is Karma Management which has been in this field for over 17 years with the fullest concentration on delivery and results.

Sometimes, there are big important projects and assignments that become illogical to engage resources for this short-term project work by client organizations, where the cost and economies of scale, run very high, defeating the very purpose of such projects to sustain marginally. Such high or low-end projects on a short-term basis can always be outsourced to Karma which becomes very economical for client organizations to run such projects since it comes with a very marginal human cost and makes it a win-win situation, both for the outsourcing agency and the client organizations. Also, the budget is well controlled and within reach of sustaining the operations in a smooth manner.

Client organizations meeting their own business goals, allows the client’s businesses to remain lean and wean without the hassles of getting into any employee-related conflicts, since the outsourced agencies take adequate care to keep all such headaches away from any Client Organizations, enabling them to focus more on qualitative and quantitative aspects of their business, doubling up their innovation and productivity in volumes.
The key value that Karma Management gives the client organization is that it controls operating costs, expands its talent pool, sets high standards that differ from normal ways of doing business, shares the risks of client organizations upon itself, and improves the client organization’s focus to sustain operations and its own profitability.

As a manpower outsourcing company, Karma Management works on the principle of touching people’s lives via a systematic execution of the employee’s life cycle and constantly keeping intact the relationship management by collaborating more and resolving conflicts in its journey of carrying all the outsourced employees as one single cohesive unit.
A large number of outsourcing initiatives are taken along with strategic objectives, with constant monitoring and review followed by a presentation to client organizations updating them on various aspects.
The goals and objectives of outsourcing manpower services, are well articulated and communicated to client organizations as a process, thereby engaging the high-level leadership team of client organizations in the continuity of the contract process.

It lays a lot of emphasis on client relationship management, ensuring good morale, and resolving any issues that might arise.
There is a well placed escalation matrix which Karma Management strongly believes as a cultural value, to constantly receive feedback from client organizations who have engaged us with their outsourcing services, and address any working issues , both at operational level and senior level, and resolve the problems so encountered.

Temp Staffing Services – what are the advantages of the tool !

Here also, the advantage of tools are given access to each of the outsourced employees deployed and there is no reason to develop any such tool with higher cost as all the resources and tools of an outsourcing agency can be made use of by the client organization. The current IT infrastructure and technology, developed in-house by Karma Management, are infused into the outsourcing system for meeting any kind of development and services without any disruption which is technologically driven to combat any complex and difficult working situations.

Dropping out human interventions significantly and enhancing human interactions with the computer, has broken the traditional norm of data and analytics working since all the temp staffing transactions are carried out to perform high-value workflow with the doubling up of the back-office processes. The application of IT capabilities on the temp staffing contracts has given rise to better processing competencies, catering to both high volume work and value-driven work, thereby tackling complex jobs with ease, adding value both to client organizations and to the temp staffing agency as well.

An early transformational change by bringing in the chatbot for providing instant answers and quicker responses has upped the ante of Karma Management’s temp staffing solutions, with operational efficiency thereby multiplying operational outcomes.

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