Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - What is the service about?

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has clearly defined its role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment as one of the vital vertical organs of the Organization besides other business verticals. It has adapted its approach towards Global Acquisition and Recruitment by keeping its eye on the larger picture of providing Global Acquisition Services while retaining its sight on the domestic recruitment business as well. Thus, it has propositioned this portfolio by both short-term and long-term quick fixes, the Global Acquisition being strategic in nature while Recruitment being tactical. In this way, all the needs of positioning and filling up of vacancies as per business requirements at the International and country-level are being met, be it leadership / senior and middle management levels in and outside India.

Karma Management goes about the process with a deeper understanding of the unique role that Talent Acquisition plays in its endeavor to achieve to be a Global Consulting Organization by constantly reinventing and re-engineering while keeping the core values intact. With the ever-changing markets and new skills surfacing due to varying circumstances, it has compelled Karma to take up challenges by re-skilling, re-processing, including tech developments. Thus breaking away from the traditional practices, it has outgrown in its pursuit to build strong linkages within Indian and Global Talent Pool. Karma has identified all areas where there is a shortage of skills and has used an effective talent strategy that is woven with a strong culture, thereby imbibing workable differentiators in order to leverage on the existing Karma brand. This has put Karma in a top-class position where it has been constantly adding significant value to its hiring process. On the other hand, it has been driving its Recruitment and Selection process to attract good and knowledgeable talent with the continuous process of networking and building relationships with all potential candidates right from identification of an employee with a smooth closure on the on-boarding and sliding into the role.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - What value does the client get?

Optimization plays a crucial role in Karma as far as the Global Talent Hunting Turf is concerned since process areas and connection points are seen as vital elements by Global Companies looking at hiring talent from India.

Recruitment and Selection is the process of searching for and obtaining applications so as to build a pool of job seekers from whom the right people for the right jobs may be selected. In short, building a pool of apt applicants. Thus, attracting as many applicants as possible for given jobs enables the Organization to lay emphasis on matching the needs of the Global Organizations to the needs of the applicants. This minimizes employer turnover and enhances satisfaction. Realistic job preview and job compatibility helps achieve this objective and this is what ultimately gives value to the clients.

It is the versatility of Exemplary Recruitment Organizations like Karma who believe in universal vision and set of values that get demonstrated time and again, in their effort to regiment the recruitment services in their effort to provide talent acquisition services. Global Organizations key take home is to seek talent acquisition consultants who have a sound domain knowledge, well versed with multi tasking and have the right capabilities to adapt to the local market environment in procuring the right talent in the shortest possible time and this is what sets Karma’s talent acquisition services , different from others.

Armed with the many advantages that Karma holds on its sides, many factors influences Karma’s pioneering efforts to position itself in the highest slot in order to cater to the needs of talent acquisition and recruitment search given its dominant presence in Executive Search and Selection in India.

And Karma today is known as the best talent acquisition consulting company for its proven strategies and affirmative action plan in operation at all times.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - What process do we follow and what tools do we use?

The recruitment and selection process is a procedure of identifying and attracting job seekers so as to build a pool of qualified job applications. The process comprises of five interrelated stages viz. (i) planning (ii) strategy development (iii) searching (iv) screening and (v) evaluation and control. Karma’s ideal outlook is to attract a relatively larger number of qualified applicants who will survive the screening process and accept positions available in the Global Organizations when offered.

Junior Level Hiring :

Recruitment Experts in Karma know exactly how many and what types of employees are needed, where and how to look for individuals with the appropriate qualifications, experience, and interests, what offerings to use for various types of applicant groups, how to distinguish applications who are unqualified from those who have a reasonable chance of success and how to evaluate their work. Thus, Global Entry-level candidates are screened by way of reviewing job applications received in big volumes. This comes in right after candidate sourcing and involves skimming through resumes and application cover letters to find the closest applicant-job-description that matches keeping in mind qualifications, experience, skill sets, and projected candidate-organization fit.

Mid Level Hiring :
At mid level hiring, Karma uses a lot of technological sophistication to bring in strategy development relating to the methods used in recruitment and selection. Besides technological advancement, other factors are also considered for mid-level manager’s hiring like product and service knowledge, relevant industry experience, salary graph, readiness to adapt to new responsibilities, and the ability to work under pressure. The steps of the recruitment process are as follows:
Senior Level Hiring :

With sluggish growth in the developed markets of the world, Global Companies are turning to the newly emerging markets such as India for business expansion and they find emerging markets attractive for several reasons given the enormous potential that Indian Industries and the people at large hold as Indian markets are maturing day by day concerning market economies. Thus, Senior supervisory individuals holding leadership or managerial position within the company and having a title with the company with equal & equivalent proportionate responsibilities in the organization, tend to become prospective candidates for interview calling by best talent acquisition companies. Karma has nationwide contacts and lends professionalism to the hiring process of talent acquisition and services.

Executive Search :

Potential candidates are contacted directly and the approach is much more personal and in-depth than for lower-level positions. Engaging high-caliber candidates with cultural and technical fit gives an edge to Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Search Organizations to reach out to highly experienced individuals for the desired roles where a particular search is delivered with a guarantee. Karma adopts proactive search methodologies targeting passive candidates where recruitment is conducted by interviewing an individual of its own before even a business requirement comes on its table and therefore interviews the candidate, setting the first stage of negotiations over remuneration and responsibilities.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - Key to recruit senior management professionals

The best Talent Acquisition consultants narrow down the search by vetting applications and retaining only those who hold authority, power and have a way of influencing business decisions and actions. Over here, the factors that come into the picture are (a) long and steady experience (b) personality traits, and (c) motivating and persuasive skills. The approach taken is that of not finding but discovering such senior people who are passive and not looking for a change over gustily but have parked this point in their mind. Karma goes forward in this talent acquisition services as follows :

Recruitment MIS :

Selection and recruitment is a key Humans Resource function and it is often necessary to maintain at least a small database of all the candidates who have been invited in past interviews. When the candidates go through different stages of interviews, the MIS also captures all their interview results.

Inbuilt Tool :

Chatbots- Karma indulges in a high level of collaboration with the machine owing to the high generation of data-centric insights. The sophisticated tool in karma, not only responds promptly by way of answers via chatbots but also provides the kind of talent intelligence to source, screen, and assess potential candidates. Our recruitment and selection tool has the unique ability to engage all stakeholders, monitor, and track talent pipeline and generate meaningful and evaluative reports. The machine chatbot at Karma behaves like a virtual assistant to give direction to potential candidates through their journey from browsing to discussions and meetings. It gives a personal touch and closes on all the initial queries or apprehensions that a potential candidate may have in his endeavor to get on with leading talent acquisition consultants. Karma’s AI-powered interactions on talent acquisition and recruitment search queries or processes is an effective solution to put all candidates at ease through building instant conversations and dispelling all kinds of initial queries by uniquely engaging them with a proactive approach. Also, check out the temp staffing agency.

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