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Amendment To Tamil Nadu Factories Rules, 1950

The Governor of Tamil Nadu vide notification No.SRO A-20/2021 has amended Schedule XX towards handling and processing of asbestos, manufacture of any article of asbestos and any other process of manufacture or otherwise in which asbestos is used in any form.
As per the amendment,
(1) Schedule shall apply to all manufacturing process carried on in a factory involving exposure of workers to asbestos and/or product containing Asbestos,
(2) It apply to all workers exposed to asbestos in the factory and it shall be the responsibility of the occupier of the factory to comply with the provisions of this schedule in respect of the workers,
(3) The occupier of the factory wherein asbestos or substances containing asbestos are in use, shall prepare work procedures and practices, in the light of scientific research and technological progress for approval by the Chief Inspector. Please refer to the notification for more details.Factories act Tamil Nadu amendment-to-tamil-nadu-factories-rules-1950

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