Court Says Wife Having Capacity to Earn Cannot Sit Idle at Home and Burden Husband
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Court Says Wife Having the Capacity to Earn Cannot Sit Idle at Home and Burden Husband

Delhi: The court ordered a woman to look for work, stating that she was qualified and capable and should not place a financial burden on her estranged husband.

The man agreed to assist her in finding work and to pay her maintenance for a year.

The court’s observation came in response to the man’s appeal against paying Rs 12,000 per month to support his wife.

“The respondent (woman) acknowledged that she was more qualified than the appellant” (man). She admitted to being able-bodied and capable of earning money. As a result, she cannot be allowed to sit idle at home, putting the appellant’s finances at risk,” said District and Sessions Judge (West) Rekha Rani.

The woman claimed that, despite her superior qualifications, she was married young and she never worked, and never traveled alone.

The man, on the other hand, claimed that his estranged wife was not entitled to monetary relief because she was more qualified than him. His appeal emphasized that she was an M.Sc gold medalist. He claimed she had not applied for any jobs and preferred to remain unemployed and a financial burden on him.

The Court agreed with the stand of the Husband that he voluntarily agrees to pay Rs. 12,000/- per month to the respondent as awarded to the respondent vide the impugned order for a period of one year and has submitted that during this period respondent should make sincere efforts for getting a job.

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