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ESIS Hospital doctor in Nagpur sacked for alleged commission scam

Nagpur: A major commission scam has come to light in the ESIS (Employees State Insurance Scheme) Hospital in Nagpur. While the services of a doctor have been terminated, it is being said that further investigation may reveal the involvement of more persons, according to a report in a local daily.

According to reports, the patients coming to the ESIS Hospital were being sent to a private hospital and inflated bills of treatment were sent to ESIC. The ESIS Hospital is responsible for providing healthcare to 3.63 lakh workers insured by ESIS and their 11.33 lakh family members. The hospital is paid for this from contributions deducted from the salaries of the workers. The salaries of the doctors too are drawn from money.

However, since the ESIS Hospital lacked many facilities, many times services of private hospitals were taken. A large amount is spent on the bills of these private hospitals. The accused doctor took advantage of this ‘system’.

According to reports, the accused doctor joined the ESIS Hospital as a surgeon about 18 months back on a contract basis. He also works at a private hospital. The accused doctor allegedly recommended surgeries to even the patients who did not need them. And furthermore, despite the ESIS Hospital having a facility for those surgeries, he used to divert the patients to the private hospital. The accused doctor was reportedly getting a commission of Rs 30,000 per patient from the private hospital, as it was noticed that each patient was charged Rs 30,000 extra.

The reports further said that till now 25 such cases have come to the fore. According to the Medical Superintendent of the ESIS Hospital, the services of the accused doctor had been terminated and an inquiry committee was set up to probe the scam. Preliminary investigation revealed the scam to the tune of Rs 8 lakh, reports stated.

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