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For greater details, please refer to the circulars attached.

Following sections of the ESI Act will now be applicable to these new districts that will come within the purview of the Act from 1/11/2021.


38. All employees to be insured. —
39. Contributions. —
40. Principal employer to pay contributions in the first instance
41. Recovery of contributions from immediate employer.
42. General provisions as to payment of contributions. — (1) No employee’s contribution shall be payable by or on behalf of an employee whose average daily wages 3[during a wage period are below 4[such wages as may be prescribed by the Central Government.]]
43. Method of payment of contribution. —
3[45-A. Determination of contributions in certain cases.
45-B. Recovery of contributions. — Any contribution payable under this Act may be recovered as an arrear of land revenue.]

[45-C. Issue of certificate to the Recovery Officer. —

45-D. Recovery officer to whom certificate is to be forwarded. —
45-E. Validity of certificate and amendment thereof.
45-F. Stay of proceedings under certificate and amendment or withdrawal thereof. —
45-G. Other modes of recovery. —
45-H. Application of certain provisions of the Income-Tax Act. —


46. Benefits.
6[47. When person eligible for sickness benefit. —
1[48. When person deemed available for sickness benefit. —
2[49. Sickness benefit. —
50. Maternity Benefit.
3[51. Disablement benefit.
3[53. Bar against receiving or recovery of compensation or dam­ages under any other law. —
154. Determination of question of disablement. —
255. Review of decisions by medical board or medical appeal tribunal.
56. Medical Benefit. —
57. Scale of medical benefit. —
58. Provision of medical treatment by 1[State] Government. —
59. Establishment and maintenance of hospitals, etc., in Corporation.
60. Benefit not assignable or attachable.
61. Bar of benefits under other enactments.
62. Persons not to commute cash benefits.
3[63. Persons not entitled to receive benefits in certain cases. —
64. Recipients of sickness or disablement benefit to observe conditions.
65. Benefits not to be combined. —
[66. Corporation’s right to recover damages from employer in certain cases. —
1[67. Corporation’s right to indemnified in certain cases. —
68. Corporation’s rights where a principal employer fails or neglects to pay any contribution. —
69. Liability of owner or occupier of factories, etc., for excessive sickness benefit.
70. Repayment of benefit improperly received.
71. Benefit payable up to and including day of death.
72. Employer not to reduce wages, etc.
73. Employer not to dismiss or punish employee during period of sickness, etc. ESIC benefits to Ahmednagar, Jalna, Yavatmal districts effective 1 11 2021ESIC benefits to Ahmednagar, Jalna, Yavatmal districts effective 1 11 2021 with sections covered for changes

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