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Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition Team. The Recruitment Team works for a shorter duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling, end-to-end.

Many organizations struggle to move beyond health and wellness programs, however, there are many who truly make well-being a part of employee experience, weaving it into the fabric of the organization and one such Organization is Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Wellness Programs are a part of Karma Management’s shared values where a lot of activities take place to boost the productivity of people and that of the Organization.

We, at Karma, constantly redefine employee wellness, where we have a strength of 200 direct staff and over 6000 outsourced staff.

We strongly believe in bringing “butterflies” into our Wellness Program at the Workplace. We have a very big designated conference training center housed inside the workplace and it is over here that all the activities take place, which is an ideal place to take away all stress levels that have been bottled up over the week. We also have a program to identify anyone feeling burnt out or stressed up and at this weekend program, all staff is equally charged up to burst out their levels of stress so that they are fully charged up in the coming week by being free of any anxieties.

Coming to recruitment, the team headed by a very Senior Recruiter, has been integrating well-being in the flow of recruitment work.

We have a sizeable team of Recruiters and also a separate team for talent acquisition. With the kind of pandemic waves and working from remote locations that have happened in the past, Karma Management took the initiative of accelerating its wellness programs for all its staff by implementing a good measure of programs on health, hygiene, and taking abundant preventive care. For this purpose, Karma who is already into the management of advanced technologies at its workplace made extensive use of its technology programs and analytics for maintaining safety at home and at the workplace, and at all its pan India locations.

Karma Management Global Tech Firm’s single line of approach towards building up “Client Management” and “Client Relationship “ is its ability to infuse a strong process workflow into its automated systems. In order to deal with such a high-tech program, it requires people with a strong sense of well-being, both mental and physical to carry out the tasks and sub-tasks that have been laden into the system workflow.

Karma’s scenario of recruitment workflow is quite different and challenging as compared to other process workflows which is tabulated below :

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