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Karma Global becomes the leading light in temp staffing,  labour reforms will enhance growth opportunities and improve the overall health of the temp staffing workers 

Karma Global has been in the field of payroll and outsourcing for nearly 18 long years since its incorporation in 2004 and since then, it has played a huge role in the domestic arena catering to over 400 clients on a Pan India scale, covering almost 22 Indian States towards fulfilling the role of providing valuable services in respect of payroll processing, temp staffing, on-boarding, talent acquisition, and labour law obligations.  


Karma Management is totally in sync with labour reforms to provide relief to principal employers in the step up to ease of doing business especially contract staffing  :


Karma Management has always believed in the key characteristic of a business suite for delivery of end-to-end business processes across organizational boundaries such as business departments and locations.

In the past,  its focus on the business processes supported by business suites has expanded to integrate business partners such as customers, clients, stakeholders, and its role as a service provider.

It has a world-class ERP system that is based on a common data model used to store the data to be shared between departments and its business processes and it has enhanced and complemented the various platforms over the years. 

The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions (OSH) Code Bill, 2020, one of the four Labour Code Bills, which have now been passed by Parliament, is set to revolutionalize the contract staffing industry in the country.  In this respect, as a foremost labour law service provider, Karma Management has been interacting with the Ministry of Skill Development, MSME Sector,  and other related officials for bringing in changes in the regulatory framework which will help the temp staffing industry to grow in a formal environment and in turn scale up the working service conditions of the temp workers. 

Let us look at the expected benefits that will up the quotient of temp staffing once the OSH Code rules get implemented in the respective states which will change the rules of the hiring strategy and bring in voluminous growth for the industry in the next  2 years.

With the changes in the OSH Code, 2020,   the laws regulating the occupational safety, health, and working conditions of persons employed in an establishment, will give a lot of relief to the principal employers as well as the temp workers which in effect will open up the hiring of contract workers as the environment will become more conducive to foster attraction of people to take up jobs in this field.

Benefits of temporary staffing

  1. Reduces hiring risks:  

Most organizations foray into different ventures depending on the budgeting figures and how much economic demand the budget hold for a particular venture.  As we all know, salaries and wages constitute the greater part of the budget, however,  temp staffing reduces the hiring risks as the external processes bring in efficient work with less financial strains,  and therefore,  temp staffing becomes more attractive, making it a productive workplace. 

  1. Rigidity versus  flexibility : 

In temp staffing, the  Outsourcing Agencies look for specific qualities that make a good temp worker. Some of the examples are to keep an eye out for applicants with flexibility and availability, as well as an ability to work and get along with a variety of colleagues. Quick and new learners are also great people to have in temporary positions since they have an open mind for learning as they come with a lot of willingness and adaptability to changes so as to get the work done and in this regard, flexibility is one of the key elements here. An employee who would be agreeable to work on stretched hours or on holidays or start early hours working will give a greater advantage to the organization to be fitted rightly in the scheme of things.

  1. The precise time frame for start and end of work resulting in timely delivery :

Contractual Staffing allows the organization, the proficiency needed for the precise time frame of a particular job and thereby saves money and workforce sources. This is a great benefit for the organization as it brings in leveling to reduce resource overallocation in the various clusters of work and is able to identify leveling delays in order to balance resource availability.

  1. Skilled staffing for greater impetus : 

Temp staffing organizations like Karma Management work with a diverse pool of qualified and skilled talent to find the perfect applicants for any kind of business.  With the kind of technology and resources that they have at their disposal, Karma Management is able to find experienced individuals who have the desire to start a new and thrilling career with more emphasis on how to get them started on the new technological platforms that Karma Management has created inhouse that gives them a quick exposure to a diverse range of technologies, processes and business environment. In fact, with our solid reputation and resources developed over the years, Karma Management has the capabilities to take the hassle out of finding quality, skilled laborers who are the right fit for your company. It is the human touch that saves costs, enhances quality, and maximizes efficiency for business which Karma Management has been able to sustain over the 18 years of its existence as the most reputed temp staffing organization.

  1. Keeping  Business safe in a fluid environment  : 

Businesses vary widely in size and capacity for growth, characterized by independence of action, differing organizational structures, and varied management styles.  It is apparent that in all businesses, there are always problems and hassles to be faced and it is over here that Karma Management puts its foot forward to take on, all your problems and issues as far as temp staffing and regulatory compliances are concerned, so as to leave the employers to focus on their objectives of meeting their goals.  It has a battery of expert staff to understand the problems of the organizations and take over the temp staffing activity in a seamless manner and give them on-time delivery of services and results.  Certainly, organizations outsourcing their temp staffing activities will give them the joy and satisfaction of focussing on their core business activities with controlled costs, access to skilled resources, increased flexibility to meet uncertain market conditions, in time reaching out to their own customers, faster and better services with increased margin lines in their balance sheet.

6.   Business Expansion

Outsourcing also enables companies to expand business operations internally as well as overseas.  With the hassles of managing your employees on a third-party role, it gives the organization enough time to penetrate a local or a global market. Your goal for business expansion can be achieved effortlessly because of lower startup costs and this is the main factor for pushing the limits to seek fresh avenues for growth if sufficient and saved up funds are available to defray initial expenses for any such ventures and expansions for buying new offices. 

7. Increases Productivity

If the Organisation’s various sections and departments have been bombarded with tons of responsibilities, a lot of that workload can be cleared out with third-party temp outsourcing. Companies are able to create and maintain a very professional work environment because temp staffing has eliminated the need for constant recruitment and training in the main business location. This means that rather than being saturated with so many responsibilities beyond their scope, these employees can now focus on what they do best—and that productivity is boosted because all your worries and headaches get transferred to the temp staffing agency and Karma Management is known to have delivered on time since it knows its subject well and has mastered all the finest nuances required to handle the temp staffing work. 

The Takeaway from Karma Management

Outsourcing or temp staffing or Global Contingent Workforce can bring many benefits to a business, and even to economies on a  local or global scale with technology as the prime mover that can efficiently bridge all and any such gaps.  Karma Management’s tech advancements have accelerated to a pinnacle height, thus making outsourcing from the stables of Karma Management a very reasonable product offering to all types of organizations, small, medium, and large, so that they can in turn accelerate their own businesses to greater heights.


If you are looking for temporary staffing,  Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent payroll service.

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