Karma Global has clearly defined its role and approaches towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment - 22nd August 2022
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Karma Global has clearly defined its role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment as one of the vital vertical organs of the Organization besides other business verticals

Karma Management Global Tech Firm has upscaled its operations in the last year or so, even transforming its name to Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by means of building the right talent strategy and advancing its technological capabilities, in its endeavor to work at the global level.

In this respect, it can be said that Karma Global Tech Management Firm has also branched out in countries like Canada, U.K., U.S.A., UAE, Philippines,  and is currently looking at Australia,  where it is offering a plethora of services in recruitment, outsourcing and payroll.  Therefore, our services are not limited to India alone, but we are now supporting globally international clients as well.


Karma Global has clearly defined its role and approach toward Talent Acquisition – talented individuals make up successful organizations

If Karma Global is seeing a greater performance in Organizations where talent has been acquired and deployed, it is only because of its sound and systematic approach to acquiring talent for global clients.  

Karma Global’s internal team is committed to seeing better Organizations’  performance by placing talented candidates to outperform competitive market conditions,  by searching, finding, hiring, and retaining the best talent available, and this is happening only because of recruiting talented individuals as a consequence of adopting well planned, structured series of actions.


Karma Global has clearly defined its role and approach toward Talent Acquisition – distinguishing between                                                                           career and job                                                           

Many of the agencies look to recruitment as filling up jobs or filling up vacant positions but our Talent Acquisition Team at Karma, takes up each position, clearly focusing on career planning and retention.  This helps to reduce candidates looking at changes in jobs after a while when saturation sets in.  Karma’s team starts the process with a well-laid-out career plan and how the candidates will fit in, right from the beginning upto a 3 to 5-year career plan. 

It is true that filling up open positions with top talent is a difficult process altogether but we, at Karma Management, have evolved a technological process that will move them up onto the Organization’s ladder exactly as per the career plan done initially.

One also has to carefully distinguish between entry-level skills and mid-level skills as the same parameters cannot apply to all.  Karma Management attracts a lot of top talent and at the same time, it makes a careful difference between the skills and competencies that are required at different stages of a candidate’s growth.

Two aspects come up in this kind of scenario – to find someone who can fulfill the organization’s current needs and to find candidates who can fulfill the organization’s current and future needs.

Karma Global is always seized with the task of finding candidates who can fulfill the organization’s current needs as long as the candidates demonstrate their ability to meet the currently-defined need.

However, from the talent acquisition standpoint, it puts a lot of effort to hire candidates by grooming them for bigger and better roles within the organization.


Karma Global has clearly defined its role and approach toward Talent Acquisition – some questions

Let’s say several candidates are competing for an engineer’s  position

  • Two of them look good – they have enough experience.
  • The third one is extremely experienced, but wants a lot of benefits 
  • Another one has just graduated from college and seems to have the qualities needed to succeed in this job,  but doesn’t have enough work experience.
  • However, the supervisor wants to hire someone from a knowledgeable standpoint who can make a difference to the business. 
  • There are talents coming with good referrals and one of the team’s members are inclined to favor his colleague.

In these kinds of scenarios, what will be the equations and how will Karma’s Talent Acquisition Team give proper results or will they do proper justice to the task on hand?

Karma Management’s team outlook is always professional and they do not let any biases creep in, and also they rely strongly on technological results of candidates as well as other psychological and skills matrix tools that give near-about results.  

Also, there are rounds of interviews at different levels for deeper insights, and all of these lead to getting the right candidate for the right job with the right fit. 


Thank you for reading! In this blog, we have covered Karma Global’s foray into the efficient managing of talent and recruitment across the globe. We hope you have found the information useful. For more updates, please sign up for our monthly newsletter called “MoJo”  with Edition 2 August 2022 just released one day ago as well as the “Weekly Tag” where issue No. 9 Monday 15th August was released yesterday.   One can even register on the new app built by Karma Management known as “WeChecked” which can be downloaded from Play Store. 


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