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Karma Global stimulates conversations around building the right talent strategy and

new ways of enabling technology

Karma Global Tech Management LLC has upscaled its operations in the last year or so, even transforming its name to Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by means of building the right talent strategy and advancing its technological capabilities, in its endeavor to work at the global level.

In this respect, it can be said that Karma Global Tech Management LLC has also branched out in countries like Canada, U.K., U.S.A., UAE, Philippines,  and is currently looking at Australia,  where it is offering a plethora of services in recruitment, outsourcing, and payroll.  Therefore, our services are not limited to India alone, but we are now supporting globally international clients as well.

Karma Global has made great plans of seeing the world through a prism and is in talks of mapping a multi-dimensional framework with a view to having structure and logic in its business model.

This kind of drive to design innovation initiatives is helping Karma Global to reach out to distant locations like Canada, the US, the UK, and the UAE with their offerings in terms of support, both in recruitment and payroll.  Karma Global is known to be the best recruitment agency locally and now with its entry into other countries, it has started refining its recruitment and talent strategy with finer aspects relating to the capacity of taking into account specific characteristics and features of each global clients manpower requirements together with a temp staffing and payroll execution.

Karma Global is fully aware of the need for advancements in technology since this is what has facilitated global organizations.  In fact, Karma Global’s technological progress has been one of the main forces driving globalization and all its technological breakthroughs have compelled Karma Global to become global by increasing the economies of scale and the market size to break even.


Karma Global stimulates conversations around building the right talent strategy – Global Sourcing of Services

Karma Global’s innovative software tools like WeChecked, WeProcess, Fulcrum, BumbleBee,  My Payroll Buddy have compelled global clients to source both our softwares and services relating to talent and payroll, and this is what has made it easy for Karma Global to diversify to advanced countries by offering right strategy for recruiting overseas.  Also, the most important point may be noted that strategy works well when the Organization has a strong expertise in handling employment regulations.  In this respect, Karma Global has grown up in the last 18 years, doing serious work in handling regulatory laws for its innumerable clients and thus with the tailoring of taxes, codes and laws,  the competitiveness to stand out in the business of global recruiting, has enabled  Karma Global to sell its brand to the outside world.

Many  organizations are now  taking a more strategic approach to finding overseas talent because post pandemic, the market has diversified beyond seeking local talent .  Gone are the days when some major  companies were considered the most desirable employers in the world and thus had their pick of the best available talent, however, with the changing market scenario, talent is now being picked up from any where  in the world since the market has broadened the scope of work from home , meaning a talented person can work from any place and need not be limited to a particular location.


Karma Global stimulates conversations around building the right talent strategy – Some Questions

Will talented employees be paid as per the rising cost of global talent ?

What attracts top candidates in Europe is a combination of generous benefits, flexibility in terms of work time and location, signing bonuses, and solid long-term incentives,  Offering a high level of visibility and a sense that a position will have a strong impact within the company also matters.

Salespeople in Germany, for example, expect to receive a car allowance or to be provided with a vehicle,

In China, the key to attracting top talent lies in establishing strong personal connections. “Senior leaders look to their personal networks,”

U.S. tech companies generally find it easy to recruit entry- and mid-level employees from  India and China,

While high-level IT and cybersecurity skills are in short supply in both Russia and Middle Eastern countries, some employers have successfully hired expatriates who then teach local workers the necessary skills and functions. Offering opportunities for continuing education, as well as informal and formal mentorships, can be part of an effective global recruitment strategy and therefore one cannot think in terms of rising salary cost but right salary is matched for the right talent.



Thank you for reading! In this blog, we have covered Karma Global’s foray in the efficient managing of talent and recruitment across the globe . We hope you have found the information useful. For more updates, please sign up for our monthly newsletter called “MoJo”  with Edition 2 just released one day ago as well as the “Weekly Tag” where issue No. 8 was released yesterday.   One can even register on the new app built by Global known as “WeChecked” which can be downloaded from Play Store.


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