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Karma Global’s Temp Staffing offers Flexible and Scalable Staffing Solution


Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers flexible and scalable staffing solutions  

Karma Global has been in the field of payroll and outsourcing for nearly 18 long years since its incorporation in 2004 and since then, it has played a huge role in the domestic arena catering to over 400 clients on a Pan India scale, covering almost 22 Indian States towards fulfilling the role of providing valuable services in respect of payroll processing, temp staffing, on-boarding, talent acquisition, and labour law obligations.


Karma Global is shaping up flexibility and scalability  :

Karma Global has always believed in the key characteristic of a business suite for delivery of end-to-end business processes which spans across organizational boundaries such as business departments and locations.

In today’s fast-paced and agile business world, technology must not only be capable of keeping up with rapid changes in the communication arena, but scalable and capable of shaping it too.  It is with this in mind that Karma Global has over the last few years, shattered all interventions of working around the processes manually and has built up a steady and durable line of platforms that automatically takes care of all the processes required to give a solid experience to people joining the bandwagon as an outsourced employee.

Karma Global’s outsourcing business is growing day by day and many things are happening including the constant changes for realistic improvements this workflow is imbibed into our systems with the help of communication technologies that are adaptable and innovative. Technologies that merge the best of the past and present to pave the way for communication of the processes both within the employees and outside the boundaries where Karma Global has opened its offices in the UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Philippines, etc.


Karma Global has a strong networking presence across locations and beyond the shores, in several other countries  :

Karma Global though seized with hundreds of locations, however,  its effort to deliver speed and results as far as temp staffing is concerned, remains undiluted.  It has an efficient networking system that centrally manages all the multiple systems across multiple offices in a single, unified communications software platform. To name some of the systems that we have and which are giving our clients a competitive edge are (a) WeChecked (b) WeProcess (c) Fulcrum (d) BumbleBee  (e ) Payroll Buddy (f) HRMS 

For technology to be truly scalable,  Karma Global has been able to integrate with other devices and systems, old or new.  It is very compatible and we not only have the provision of scaling on all other devices but we also have the option to keep on expanding in the future and are presently working on various options to embrace cutting-edge solutions.  Thus, our technology is flexible enough to work entirely with the business needs and requirements of the clients, not just for today but keeping the future in mind as well. 

Our systems keep on working in an undisturbed manner round the clock, and any market demands or for that matter, overnight changes in the industry, are handled with ease in the shortest possible time, so that clients too remain undisturbed with the changing trends, be it the new rules and regulations of the several labour reforms taking place,  Karma Global is there ready for the clients at all hours with its expert staff at the beck and call.


Karma Global is shaping up flexibility and scalability – the importance of flexible and scalable IT Infrastructure  :

Karma Global is endowed with several operational processes and beneath the belly of the processes, lies the technology we know that technology is not just a machine to give automated results but technology is a combination of hardware, software, and all other components that work collectively to monitor, control and support the business processes and results.  

Karma Global takes a lot of pride in the various tools that it has owned and developed over the years like (a)  WeChecked (b) WeProcess (c) Fulcrum (d) BumbleBee  (e  Payroll Buddy (f) HRMS.  There are a lot of smart techniques that have been built into the system to give excellent output so as to optimize business results.  These smart techniques have helped us to shorten the routes that each process takes, thereby increasing the pace of operations and giving the results quickly.


Karma Global is shaping up flexibility and scalability – The Takeaways from Karma Global

Outsourcing or temp staffing or Global Contingent Workforce gives the employees a customer experience of building relationships between people, places, and events and allocates work depending on how and where it suits them. It brings in a feeling of truly making workers happier with a happier workplace and a culture that everyone wants to be a part of! thereby giving many benefits to a business, and even to economies on a  local or global scale with technology as the prime mover that efficiently bridges all and any such gaps.  Karma Global’s tech advancements have accelerated to a pinnacle height, thus making outsourcing from the stables of Karma Global a very reasonable product offering to all types of organizations, small, medium, and large, so that they can in turn accelerate their own businesses to greater heights.  


 If you are looking for temporary staffing,  Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent payroll service.

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