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Karma is a reliable partner in payroll and payroll services with a global presence, especially in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Karma Payroll Bureau has a team of experts that can help employers manage their payroll accurately and efficiently, be it at home or in Canada.

“Karma payroll team is always friendly and professional,  they enjoy what they do and this reflects in the quality of their work. They are consistent and responsive, delivering global payroll on time and that too, every time their services are highly commendable and this is what the global clients say, especially clients in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Karma payroll team is already attached to payroll processing in Canada with a determined set of highly trained and professional people.   The main reason for this stability and growth is their dependability, reliability, and a high degree of responsiveness,  aimed at timely delivery with accuracy and steadiness.

At Karma, we are always elated to take on personalized services including providing output from state-of-the-art technology platforms – a robust, unified, cloud-based platform that accurately and systematically streamlines business processes and workflows.  You may know that all our clients are tagged with a dedicated Key Owner who will be at your beck and call, any hour, any day for giving instant responses and round-the-clock services.  Our Organisation, Karma has grown over the 18 years, solely based on a trusting relationship which is at the heart of our business, and therefore, in all things that we do, we go by a trust which is vitally important in whatever we do for you as we believe in openness in all our transactions and dealings with you especially when it comes to unfaltering services. On the domestic front at home,  Our customer-centric philosophy is what has kept us in business for more than 18  years providing personalized services on a national level across all states and boundaries.

When it comes to payroll and payroll services, we are “the expert” as you may know, and needless to mention, most of our clients have been happy with our attendance system where we have geotagging.  We are your expert partners in providing payroll services, time, and attendance with multiple  HR Software so that you can focus on being the expert in running your own business without any distractions on this front.


Payroll Services Include:

Payroll Process

  • Calculations –  Automatic calculations, and review of all totals and payroll report, easily and intuitively.
  • Accurate earnings and deductions
  • Payroll Alerts
  • Labor compliances  and Cost Center Tracking


Payroll Reporting

  • Change History Reporting and update personal details
  • Consolidated Reporting Across Tax IDs
  • Cross Year Reporting
  • Data-Driven Reporting Across All Years
  • Reports are exported into  different file formats, including MS Excel
  • Reports Delivered Automatically by Email



  • Benefits, deductions, compliances, and Insurance Management
  • Flexi packages, weekly, fortnightly, monthly
  • Worker Compensation Management
  • Total Compensation Statement
  • Benefit Accruals Management


GL, Tax, Year End

  • Automated Reciprocity Tax Withholding
  • General Ledger Processing
  • Tax Filing/ Payment Services
  • Year End Processing, including Forms W2/W3 and ACA-Related Tax Filings



  • Profile Based Functionality Security
  • Unlimited Users with Security



  • Automated Event Notifications
  • Automated Third Party Notifications
  • Configurable HRIS and Custom Content
  • Single Database for Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance & Employee Self Service
  • Third-Party Software Interfaces
  • Unlimited Data Storage


Reach us for more information.: +91-9223192906 / Kush Modi – Marketing @ 9890398953 / Mail to: enquiry@karmamgmt.com

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