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Top Notch Foundation which is a leading Research and Analysis Consultant from Delhi , found our powerful software tools viz. (1) Wechecked and (2) Weprocess highly creditable with all round integration features.

This authentic institution offers a full range of quantitative and qualitative Research Reports and provides information and recommendations which can be used for business purposes and can even customize it to the individual needs of various clients.

It offers highly qualitative methodologies used in a unique manner with entire project implementation process, exemplary professionalism and on-time delivery.

TOPNOTCH FOUNDATION is one of the leading Research & Media Consultant Company in Delhi with state of the art research and analysis for organizations of all sizes.

This Institution, not only applauded our current tech enabled and sophisticated offerings , created and developed indigenously for our various clients but also for the manner in which the futuristic state of the art tools has been developed keeping in mind the continuous development of tools for further expansion of artificial intelligence applications , machine learning, wechat and chat bots and drone/robotics building.

It was the result of our pioneering efforts in this direction which became the focal point for bestowing the highly much deserved ,prestigious award on Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which was received by the Founder, Shri Kishor Vaidya and the Chief Vision Officer and MD, Shri Pratik Vaidya on behalf of the Organization, its direct and indirect staff , associates, and esteemed clients engaged with us for our excellent services.

As is well known all over, Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of services in the areas of Payroll, Temp Staffing and On-boarding, Labour Law Compliance and HR Services.

Our internationally renowned tools viz. WeChecked and WeProcess are widely used for our three chief deliveries viz. (1) Payroll, (2) Outsourcing and (3) Labour Law Compliances.

This is so because Karma Management has found it important to stay on track with the fast moving and ever changing world of software development. It has taken up the development of tech enabled tools that are significant from the perspective of clients ease of operations in the complex world of payroll compliances and regulatory governances.

There are multiple software development tools , however, our indigenously developed tools viz. (1) WE CHECKED AND (2) WE PROCESS are trend setters , making a difference involving optimization procedure , containing a model of building integrated relationship with each of our services viz. payroll, outsourcing and labour law compliances.

Our software tools are designed for a variety of purposes, to store, retrieve, analyze, and even to collect the data obtained from various platforms . It uses mathematical models and algorithms with free, easy-to-use, open-source, operating on integrated software platforms.

Payroll Software is very important for Statutory Compliances in India. Statutory compliance refers to the legal framework put in place by the central or state government to regulate business operations.

Therefore , for all the statutory compliance needs of our clients numbering to over 300 , the Top Notch Foundation Award receiving tools viz. (1) WeChecked and (2) WeProcess have gained a further boost in the sphere of cloud computing and real time integration by revolutionizing the industry with emerging devices, programs and systems.

The way forward
Imagine, if you have to manage all these statutory and labour law compliance requirements manually or through outdated systems?

· Statutory compliance can make or break a company’s reputation.

· There’s tons of rules and regulations involved, and these have to be adhered to perfectly, every time.

· Some are modified by the Central or State government, as well.

· Historically, payroll administrators did this manually.

Today, there are systems that can help reduce the burden on payroll teams. With cloud based payroll software , you can put statutory compliance on auto-pilot mode and always keep a spotless compliance record.

It is no one but Karma Management Global Consulting solutions Pvt. Ltd. that offers the best in class software statutory and payroll tools backed up with excellent service , online as well as through field work with regular visits by our field officers.

It is time that your Organization engages with the topmost consulting firm , to reap the benefits given exclusively to our clients engaged and to be engaged with us.

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