Karma Management’s strict vigil in its auditing foray - Child Labour Act
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Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition  Team.    The Recruitment Team works for shorter  duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling, end-to-end.

Karma Management’s Recruitment as well as Talent Acquisition teams together with the  Recruitment Head, has whole-heartedly plunged into the year of 2022, with its boiling initiative of embracing the online communication tools.

Many industries were impacted due to Covid-19 which in a smaller way did affect the recruiting business as well , but those with highly powered state of the art tools in their possession like Karma Management, did come out strongly out of these blues.  It was  merely  because during some of these depressing moments, Karma Management made ample use by focusing more on the AI and social media , in a way, releasing to let  the traditional methods be by gone. 

Way back , by the turn of 2020, Karma Management sought greater help of AI in all its HR processes and systems.   It began sounding to its engaged clients that Karma Management will be leveraging AI in all its systems and processes especially for customized solutions which Karma Management has been a foremost runner in this “Consulting and Solutions”  field for almost two decades.

Therefore the year of 2021 was a full year of bringing in technology with AI to streamline the workflows of payroll, outsourcing, recruitment, HR services  and labour law compliances.  The indigenously developed technology with the help of a huge team of in house experts and leaders , were able to seize the high volume tasks and transactions, by bundling it into speedy and scalable processed transactions and this is what gave Karma Management, a competitive edge over its distractors as well as unexpected traditional disruptions.

Our smooth workflow of systems and processes have enabled online application management of recruitment, to a greater height.   Applicant tracking from our recruiter databases is done by our experts with the help of our tools whereby thousands of applications get sorted out in minutes so as to enter the next phase of the selection process.  Our chat bots aligned on the WeChecked tool, play a significant role in providing instant interactions with all the concerned stakeholders and the responses , have been amazing and accurate.  This kind of constant notifications, advisories, updates, news and events have helped the clients to form a positive impression by instant answers as otherwise, through the routine method,  compiling and getting the responses would have taken a lot of time.

Karma Management’s Expert and Dedicated Team for Recruitment , together with the Head of Recruitment, have changed their  recruitment strategies in order to upscale the recruitment process with speed and delivery.  In the traditional method,  there would be calling up the candidates, seeking their time and convenience, making repeated phone calls and sending mailers;  these have now been done with as most of the time, the candidates are engaged on video interviews.  

There are many benefits of video interviews :  replacing video interviews with personal interviews , has cut down the time to a quarter.  Earlier, it would be a hectic calling to reach out to the candidates and getting  them for physical interviews on a date and time convenient to all, but now reaching out to the candidates have been much simplified with video calling as video screening has made it faster and easier.

The video can be viewed by a single person at a leisure time or it can be viewed by multiple people separately or it can be viewed by a team of people together to assess and gather analysis and thus it reduces the risk for favoritism and unfairness.  Also, it is a great enabler of compiling qualitative and quantitative data for analysis , as every behavior, mannerisms, body language, articulation, voice modulation, thought process, clarity, speech, command on the language, etc. gets projected and amplified  rightly.

Besides the recruiting organizations sharing their side of the strategies and execution plan, it is equally important that the candidates also experience similar journey in their experience of going through the recruitment grind.  The experience gives a two way effect, not only for the candidates who are able to build a perception of their own but it also gives an experience to people working inside the organization.  The experience has to be good inside and then only the effect of such good experience falls on the outside.  If some one inside the organization, shares a bad vibe, then it is likely that this bad ambience will imbalance the perception of someone on the outside , leading to negativity and false gossiping.  Needless to mention, our inside workings  are very strong on the outside people that there is always a feeling of good will at all times.

Mobile Recruitment has  also made a big foray in the world of recruitment as it is well known that almost all the candidates, use their mobile devices to search for jobs, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn and following is the  percentage trend of mobile usage being done for pre selection and selection process.

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) has left a solid mark on Karma Management as it has become a valuable tool for Karma as a foremost recruiter of candidates for various types of industries.  It is helping us to manage the hiring much faster and smarter, in order to find the best talent which helps to gather more information about candidates, which allows the top recruiters like Karma to make better decisions.  By using advanced algorithms and machine learning, Karma is able to save upto 30% of our time while improving the candidates experience and getting better talents into positions faster.  In this sense, the AI picks up candidates as per job profile and also rejects profiles , thus throwing up only the relevant job profiles that match and fit the jobs and also fit the right skills .  The right candidates experience, knowledge, abilities, and job criteria is what makes so promising for improving recruiting quality and getting the right fit for the right job.

So here is the time for all Global Clients or domestic clients to get connected with  us for your recruitment needs .   We have a big team of recruitment and talent acquisition  experts who have been in this profession for over 10 years , churning out clients expectations on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, to give quick and accurate delivery of recruitment  services via our state of the art tools.

Please get connected with our Recruitment Head  located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent recruitment services.

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