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Global tech outsourcing expected to grow 20% annually

Karma Management’s Global Contingent Workforce Management Division or commonly known in the industry as “Outsourcing” is ecstatic with the latest news of Global Tech Outsourcing expected to grow 20% annually.

Karma Management Global Tech Firm, also known as Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions, has been garnering a lot of business calls from its contacts abroad, especially in countries like U.S., U.K., Middle East, Asia and Far East, who have been approaching us for outsourcing either their manpower or some of their functions especially payroll, outsourcing and regulatory functions which has elicited great response from these Global Clients of ours and domestic clients as well.

After having heard of the kind of digital transformation initiatives taken up by Karma Global Tech Firm, more and more Global Clients are stepping up their effort to contract with us either for manpower or for specialized functions like payroll and statutory laws , on-boarding and retention, risk management audits together with environment, health and safety audits.

The nature of digital transformation means future requirements will exponentially increase the sizes of the contracts as well as talent required to service them. In this regard, Karma Management has created a reservoir of talent pool which fits into the scheme of things and so tackling the expectations of any quantum of growth effectively , will only add to our hold on any talent crunch that one may face, with aplomb and speed.

Karma Management, needless to mention, is also into the domain of recruitment and talent acquisition and retention. So bundling up our core services together of recruitment, talent acquisition, on-boarding, temp staffing, closure of critical positions, constant uninterrupted supply of manpower, complete maintenance of employee life cycle, shared services, high risk regulatory audits; all these services coupled together will only give the Global Clients an edge over all other “business contemporaries “.

Yes, in today’s time, understanding business environment which has a vast competitive market that keeps changing at a very fast pace which entails that management of operations, finance, marketing, logistics, supply chain , production, etc. must be in control with highly regulated workforce which is not only experienced and knowledgeable but highly talented in providing solutions and facing the onslaught of any such challenges.

As we all know, business is an activity of production and distribution of goods and services which comprises of :

· Buying and Selling: …

o Continuous process: …

o Profit Motive: …

o Risk and Uncertainties: …

o Creative and Dynamic: …

o Customer satisfaction: …

o Social Activity:

In doing all of the above, it is very often the case with clients where they have to suddenly face predictable factors which can be brought under control to some extent but at the same time, there are many unpredictable factors which are beyond the imagination of many like impact on the local economy, erosion of customer base and loyalty, unexpected upheavals in the marketplace , regulatory risks, which only enhances the anxiety of clients when faced with these circumstances.

It is in this kind of a scenario that Karma Management Global Tech Firm has emerged as a strong contender to handle and deal with all kinds of unexpected situations and turns; amassing such expertise in their journey of 2 decades.

The pandemic has definitely accelerated transformation timelines…The demand for these transformative technologies will continue to be robust in the years ahead…Talent will continue to be the hottest currency,” and it is in this context that Karma Management has also accelerated all its energy , talent and resource into capability building especially in the area of outsourcing and shared services which is growing multifold and it is the right time where Karma is pepping up the outsourcing ecosystem by acquiring and retaining talent over the next 12 months.

During the first half of the ongoing fiscal year, India’s top six IT services providers – will be adding a net of over 150,000 to stave off higher attrition rates. In this context, Karma Management is fully geared both in terms of manpower as well as digitalization foray, to handle every situation as per the expectations of Global Clients. We are constantly enabling digital transformation and at the same time, improving our agility and efficacy in providing right solutions and techniques

Karma Management with all its inherent strengths in terms of infrastructure, IT capabilities, knowledgeable workforce, PAN India presence, is currently transforming itself into a digital enterprise, deploying the full spectrum of technology tools like “WECHECKED, WEPROCESS, HOVERCRAFT, FULCRUM, BUMBLEBEE, and may perhaps in the years to come, opt for new edge solutions such as drones, to increase operational efficiency, improve service quality, and enhance customer experience for the benefit of our domestic and global clients .

As part of our engagement with Global Clients, Karma will also focus on delivering greater flexibility by strengthening its Core Central Team working in the background for further modernizing its core operations and instilling a sense of driving innovation and accelerating our digital transformation journey in leaps and bounds.

In this digital age when everything is maintained by technology, outsourcing function is getting more and more technologically embedded into the ambit of automation, and also in combatting with the manual methods which have now become obsolete and outdated and no longer dependable and absolutely irrelevant over time. All our traditional systems and practices have been replaced over the months and years with our in-house developed robust technologies which are easy to use and ready to deliver 100% accurate results but are also priced at nominal rates which will surely provide global clients with perfect error free delivery and timely results.

So , kindly seize yourself with this given opportunity by Karma Management by availing of their fantastic outsourcing services which will give you a qualitative shift , perhaps good gains of greater magnitude where you will benefit with their emerging automation technologies—AI IQ, Futures thinking, digital fluency, pop-up communities and multi-cultural smarts to name a few. This automated scenario is taking place in nearly every industry–from robots on the manufacturing floor and in the surgical suite to autonomous vehicles driving down the interstates and so also, it is changing the working dynamics of Karma’s operational strategies in reality.

Therefore, it is high time that clients who are still bracing with outdated working, shift their focus to Karma’s automated outsourcing which will exponentially change your way of thinking in the long run.

Choice is yours and Karma is there to support you in helping you make the right choice !!

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