Karma Global networking with UAE for Payroll, Outsourcing, and Regulatory Compliance.
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Karma Global networking with UAE – Payroll, Outsourcing, and Regulatory Compliance.

Karma Global has taken its payroll and outsourcing team virtually across the geographical boundaries, to spill over into the wonderful land of the Emirates for serving the UAE elite clients with our excellent expertise in payroll, outsourcing, and regulatory compliances.

“Karma Global’s payroll team is already attached to payroll processing of Canada,  U.S.A, and the U.K. with a determined set of highly trained and professional people.   The main reason for this stability and growth is their dependability, reliability, and a high degree of responsiveness,  aimed at timely delivery with accuracy and steadiness.

Karma Global has now gone beyond and has started extending its services to the Emirates, networking with dignitaries, officials, and partners to offload their proficiency and capabilities in payroll to the global clients running their businesses in the Emirates.

More and more global organizations are drifting to unified payroll providers like  Karma Management Global Tech Firm because of the structured approach and economies of scale.  Payroll indeed comes with its own set of complexities but the USP lies in :

  • how you analyze,
  • how you structure your approach,
  • how you bring in AI with technological advancement and up gradation
  • how you align and train your people giving efficiency for accurate results
  • how you drive the data
  • how you divide multiple frequencies and multiple pay currencies
  • how you manage mid-cycle changes by considering every instance of statutory compliances
  • how you support multiple languages, English, Arabic, Spanish, French
  • development of transaction chats bots for leave, time and attendance, expenses, reimbursement, claims, travel requests, policies, etc.
  • how you manage deviations from threshold values as well as analytical capabilities


Karma Global networking with UAE – minimum wages and statutory compliances

 Employee Benefits in Dubai

  • To make up for the lack of a fixed minimum monthly salary, the UAE labour law mandates employers in Dubai to provide their employees with certain benefits. 


  • Here are some of the employee benefits  in Dubai:


  • Paid leave: Provide annual paid leave of 21 days for the first year and 30 days after that.


  • Travel expenses: Must guarantee all employees a return flight to their home country when the employment contract is complete.


  • Medical insurance: Give employees medical insurance once they complete their probation period. 


  • Gratuity: Provide your employees with an end-of-service compensation after they complete the terms of their contract. The compensation can’t exceed the equivalent of an employee’s salary for 24 months. 


Cost of Living in Dubai

  • A region’s cost of living impacts the average wage earned by employees in that location. 
  • The living cost indicates the amount of money you need to cover basic housing, education, transportation, and healthcare. It’s a reliable indicator of how much employees need to live a good life. 
  • Let’s have a look at each of these components:


1. Housing

  • Real estate costs largely depend on where you choose to live in Dubai. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is around 5,528.59 AED (1,505.16 USD) and 3,687.32 AED (1,003.87 USD) outside of the city center. 

2. Education 

  • Dubai has both public and private schools. The fees at public schools are capped at 6,000 AED (1,633.50 USD) per year. 
  • And education is more expensive for expatriates (ex-pats) than Emirati nationals. An ex-pat is a person residing in a country other than their native country. 

3. Transportation

  • Dubai has a thriving public transport system with buses and taxis traveling throughout the city. On average, using a taxi costs 2.44 AED (0.66 USD) per km. A bus ticket costs 5 AED (1.36 USD).

4. Healthcare

  • Dubai locals are covered under a Government-funded medical insurance scheme. Expats must have a private health insurance scheme according to the legislation by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

5. Income Tax

  • The UAE is a popular “tax haven” because the UAE Government doesn’t levy income tax on individuals, and it offers tax-free investment options to all residents of Dubai. 

 So here is the time for all Global Clients or domestic clients connected with “U.K.  U.S.A, Canada or U.A.E   Payroll “  to kindly approach us at the earliest for any of your payroll requirements whether in India or across any of the global countries.  We have a big team of payroll experts who have been in this profession for over 10 years, churning out on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis, to give quick and accurate delivery of payroll services via our state-of-the-art tools which also contain employee self-service module and appraisal management together with mobile app attendance and above all, a chatbot.


Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent payroll service

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