Karma Management’s strict vigil in its auditing foray - Child Labour Act
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Karma Management has been in the field of payroll and outsourcing for nearly 17 long years with its incorporation in 2004 and since then, it has played a huge role in the domestic arena catering to over 400 clients on Pan India scale , covering almost 22 Indian States towards fulfilling the role of providing valuable services in respect of payroll processing, temp staffing, on-boarding, talent acquisition and labour law obligations. 


The year of 2021 , although it did face challenges due to covid pandemic, yet its eye sights were strained  and focused towards hopping on the band wagon of globally catapulting in Consultations and Advisory.  Surely, but steadily it set its foot print in countries like Canada, U.S.A., U.K. Middle East, Taiwan, Philippines  in enthralling global clients towards its effective  payroll and outsourcing businesses ,  as well as providing top notch consultations and advisory services.


Having established one of its offices in the prestige and reputed business area in  Kemp House , 152-160 City Road, London with a full operational status , Karma Management has indeed joined the global league of consulting firms within a period of less than two years.  Truly , it was earlier a foremost domestic player in the Indian market with a number of business suites to be offered to its clients but in the last two years, it has crossed the territorial borders of Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans to cater to global clients with its efficient products , customized to suit every client and its needs.

Karma Management in the  Global league of top consulting firms –  is in sync of a business suite for delivery :


Karma Management has always believed in the key  characteristic of a business suite for  delivery of end-to-end business processes  which span organizational boundaries such as business departments and locations.


In the past,  its  focus on the business processes supported by business suites has expanded to integrate business partners such as customers, clients, stakeholders and its role as a service provider .


It has a world class ERP system  that is  based on a common data model  used to storing the data to be shared between departments and its  business processes  and it has enhanced and complemented the various platforms  over the years.


As a result,  the systems have evolved and grown with process integrity across applications together with  flexibility to consistently change and optimize business processes in the areas of payroll processing , temp staffing, recruitment, talent acquisition, statutory compliances, regulatory obligations and governance , taxation, and so on.


Two of the prolific platforms giving excellent business suite results are (1) FULCRUM and the other is (2) BUMBLEBEE.


FULCRUM is a valuable digital container holding together as a cohesive unit, all the tasks, and subtasks, not only within the organization but also outside it. The tool can create meeting schedules, exchange the plethora of emails between the clients and the stakeholders. With the ability to monitor progress and closure of tasks and sub-tasks at various stages, the final outcome of this tool is to provide real-time successful completion of the given tasks by different units, which inevitably leads to customer delight and risk-free compliance management. Along with Karma’s other in-house tools, WeChecked for vendor management & establishment compliance management and WeProcess for regulatory registers and returns, FULCRUM is an AI-powered tool that gives desired deliverables to its various clients and customers in a time-bound manner.


BUMBLEBEE is being built on the premise of how clients can use data to make their decisions – particularly when disruption is happening in the industry all around the globe. Bumblebee aims to be as accurate as possible in developing predictability in order to really help businesses be more successful. Bumblebee is a platform designed and developed by Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt Ltd., by using  Business Process Management tools that have cognitive conversational capabilities, allowing  to configure complex organizational processes for seamless interactions with existing business tools. It has built-in business analytics capabilities to measure operational data based on user-defined business and operational metrics. Bumblebee platform helps businesses create solutions for problems that involve getting decisions faster with limited processes, limited technology, limited data, and a limited workforce. Primarily designed to work for processes that are related to the Human Resources domain, it has the potential to address and transform the entire landscape of business involving all different domains.


Karma Management in the  Global league of top consulting firms –   Karma’s business verticals are willing to provide the right work environment to all its  employees to foster growth and happiness all around.


In Karma Management,   employees are always in the right frame of mind to use their talents and experience to drive the organization forward while the Leadership is always inclined to compensate for their excellent work.  It does this by setting the teams across departments and verticals, to take care of their emotional, intellectual and physical needs by supporting them with positive work environment.


The 6 ways of how it supports the employees positive work environment will be discussed in detail in the next blog , coming up next week.


So,  here is the time , for all Global Clients or domestic clients   to kindly approach us at the earliest for any of your payroll   requirements whether in India or across any of the global countries.  We have a big team of payroll and outsourcing  experts who have been in this profession for over 10 years , churning out on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, to give quick and accurate delivery of payroll and outsourcing  services via our state of the art tools which also contains an employee self service module and appraisal management together with mobile app attendance and above all, a chat bot.

 Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent payroll service

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