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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. takes a giant leap forward in streaming up all its offerings on a global scale, in standing out to unexpected euphoric highs!  


Karma Management is totally in sync with labour reforms to provide relief to principal employers in the step up to ease of doing business and has various offerings on its live shelf as follows :

 Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has clearly defined its role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment as one of the vital vertical organs of the Organization besides other business verticals. It has adapted its approach towards Global Acquisition and Recruitment by keeping its eye on the larger picture of providing Global Acquisition Services while retaining its sight on the domestic recruitment business as well. 

 In this way, all the needs of positioning and filling up of vacancies as per business requirements at the International and country-level are being met, be it leadership / senior and middle management levels in and outside India. 

Our constant finger on the pulse to know what is happening in the marketplace and to provide a profile fit candidate to the organization in the shortest possible time, is the ability that we have mastered over the years and this is where our customers have trusted us for our instincts and durability.  We have a committed workforce along with technological platforms that will outperform,  where we have the capability to source and match the right people for the right roles.

Through the interlinking of all systems onto a common platform, that accurately serves the interests of both our clients as well as our candidates, Karma Management is highly geared to handle multi-dimensional processes seamlessly in any part of the world.

In fact,   Karma Management furthers the cause of the client’s human capital on the one hand, and on the side, we are fully aligned to explore the potential of each individual who is unique and has his own mindset to optimize his choices and offer him the best position as per his taste and liking. 


Outsourcing – Contingent Worker

Every single organization that has contracted their HR outsourcing services or contingent workers to us, comes with its own mindset, strata of skills, and levels of work experience requirements, however, Karma Management’s expertise in adding up in its ability to fulfill the ultimate purpose of helping and paving a rightful path for all the contingent labour or employees on board the outsourced brand, is the culmination of business acumen that shapes Karma Management, regardless of the challenges along the way.

Any Client’s Organization’s decision to outsource employees on our rolls and to manage the compliance activities as well, Karma takes upon itself the need for cost optimization as well as any other pressures that may come along. 

Karma Management has deeply developed the capabilities to design customized solutions to help clients become more proficient in their own working areas as it recognizes the power of customer experience when it comes to growing loyalty, lowering operational costs, and securing long-term growth for its clients and for iself as well.


Training and Development programs

Training and Development constitute an ongoing process in Karma where specific skills, abilities, and knowledge are imparted to most of the employees. Karma looks at these learning programs very seriously as most of the time, employees are called upon to exercise judgment and to choose alternative solutions to the job problem, as it is a very well-known fact that Training Programs seek to broaden and develop the individual’s mindset and behavior. 

Being in the service industry, employees are required to make independent decisions regarding their work and their relationships with clients as far as the internal setup is concerned. On the external front, Karma offers learning and training services to 100+ companies thereby shaping the future of these employees rather than just grinding through the present.

Karma sees both the aspects of Training and Development as distinct from one another. Development is focused primarily on leaning towards knowledge and attitude helpful for the employees in mid and senior levels while Training programs are run across all levels of employees mainly for broadening the mindset and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Our training and development programs can be categorized broadly into three sections namely:

  • Open Programs –These programs pre-dominantly consist of the basic programs which are pre-requisites for every organization and its employees. Starting from presentation skills, personality development, storytelling skills, and communication skills to decision-making skills, time management skills, risk assessment skills, and team-building skills – 
  • Customized Programs –Famously known for providing the best custom-made services for clients catering to all industries, we design customized programs for our clients as well. We are well aware of the fact that not every organization will be in need of specific training and thus it is our duty as leaders to provide customized training for them which includes soft skills development, safety training, quality training, and similar others.
  • Train The Trainer Programs –The Train the Trainer model is a training strategy widely used in the workplace. The trainer, a subject-matter expert, trains other employees – in the use of a new sales program, for example – and simultaneously teaches them how to train others in the use of the program. 


Payroll Management

High-quality, reliable, most sought-after, cost-effective, automated, and integrated payroll management is what we promise to deliver to all our clients. Payroll on the cloud is the value addition that really propels the world of payroll management and that is exactly what we promise to deliver. 

To enhance this process, we incorporate our in-house made software tools named We-Process and AI-based Compliance Chatbot, which play their part in making our payroll management an extremely seamless one. Our payroll automation platform not only combines the latest practices but also adopts a futuristic approach to take the experience a step beyond, right from Biometric hardware implementation to time & attendance and leave management


Regulatory  Compliances

It is a well-conceived fact that any kind of violation in the context of labour laws in India is taken very seriously by the authorities so much so that prosecution and penalties follow even for minor violations if, in the least, it is disregarded or neglected by any establishments, small, medium and large.

Meeting obligations on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis as per various laws enacted by the authorities is a way of life if a business has to be successfully run, because deep down the belly of profitability, lie the numerous benefits that are required to be conferred on the employees as per rules and norms and thus any slipshod can cause irreparable embarrassment to the violators. It is in the discharge of obligations, that we undertake the same as an imperative task to be assiduously done on behalf of the clients, so as to keep them at arm’s length from the conscious or unconscious perpetuation of offense.

Our pan India resources carry out the following services, taking upon themselves the complete ownership of commitment with the determination to foil any complacency that might creep in due to the cumbersome nature of various legislations which in a way, conjures up to the clients who are steadfast in its determination to deep dive into its core business values without distractions of any kind, leaving it into the hands of this consulting global compliance group to taking it up to the altar sanctified with the lowest risk and fully absolved from any kind of liabilities.  Clients totally rely on the work that we do in the field of regulatory compliances such as, 

  • Establishment compliances – covers all the labour laws pan India
  • Vendor compliance management – covers specifically the contract labour act and all other acts applicable to the contractor on the premises of the principal employer
  • Payroll Services Compliances cover PF, ESI, PT, and LWF, and gov



In this digital age when everything is maintained by technology, Human Resources, Payroll Management, Compliance, and Governance should not be left behind. Being a complex system in itself, the manual methods for the above-mentioned have not only become obsolete but require a tedious process that does not even guarantee errorless results. To ease the difficulties with HR and related services, we at Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have developed robust technologies to combat all the challenges which we otherwise faced. These easy-to-use software tools not only deliver 100% accurate results but are also priced at nominal rates. Having a Pan India presence, with hundreds of clients using our HR technologies, we can proudly say that these will surely provide you with the best results.

Some of our technologies :

Weprocess is a tool that helps you to maintain all the registers and records as per the state-prescribed formats online for Pan India. It reduces the time for manual intervention as now with a mere click you can find the output of all records and registers. With built-in acts and rules for various Pan India registers like Factory, S&E, and CLARI, this tool is perfect to map all the employee’s locations seamlessly. With access to create challans of all formats, this tool also has a respiratory for all documents.

Wechecked is an inbuilt AI & Robotic process automation that seamlessly checks 40% of the documents once it is uploaded by the vendor. This tool not only reduces the time consumption of the vendor but the user-friendly interface makes the upload easier for every vendor. With the login id and password of the portal, a vendor can upload his documents from any remote location through a computer/laptop. The documents can be uploaded via 3 different modes:

  • Online
  • E-mail
  • Interactive chat portal

Bumblebee is being built on the premise of how clients can use data to make their decisions – particularly when disruption is happening in the industry all around the globe. Bumblebee aims to be as accurate as possible in developing predictability in order to really help businesses be more successful.  The software uses Business Process Management tools that have cognitive conversational capabilities, allowing us to configure complex organizational processes for seamless interactions with existing business tools. It has built-in business analytics capabilities to measure operational data based on user-defined business and operational metrics. Bumblebee platform helps businesses create solutions for problems that involve getting decisions faster with limited processes, limited technology, limited data, and a limited workforce.


FULCRUM is a valuable digital container holding together as a cohesive unit, all the tasks, and subtasks, not only within the organization but also outside it. The tool can create meeting schedules, and exchange a plethora of emails between clients and stakeholders. With the ability to monitor the progress and closure of tasks and sub-tasks at various stages, the final outcome of this tool is to provide real-time successful completion of the given tasks by different units, which inevitably leads to customer delight and risk-free compliance management.  FULCRUM is an AI-powered tool that gives desired deliverables to its various clients and customers in a time-bound manner.


For more details or presentation or a visit to your office or a preliminary conversation with you on this offering, please  reach out to .: +91-9223192906

Kush Modi – Marketing @ 9890398953 / enquiry@karmamgmt.comwww.karmamgmt.com

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