Karma Management’s strict vigil in its auditing foray - Child Labour Act
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Karma Consultancy for PF & ESI which began in 1979 , underwent gradually a magical transformation and in the year 2004, Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to offer services in the field of payroll, outsourcing, recruitment and labour laws. 


During the reign of about 16 years from 2004 to 2020, it sustained all its capabilities to deliver excellent services via its mastermind tools viz. WeChecked and WeProcess. 


The  user friendly features were so overwhelming that as recently as December 2021, it was bestowed with the highly much deserved prestigious award for “Most Trusted tech Enhanced Compliance & Governance Management Consulting Company of the Year” at the hands of Top Notch Foundation which is a leading Research and Analysis Consultant from Delhi , who found our powerful software tools viz. (1) WeChecked and (2) WeProcess highly creditable with all round integration features.


Karma Management, with its undaunted spirit for business acumen and willing to reach out to many many needy clients both domestic and global, flapped its wings still higher to cross the shores and reach out to Global Clients in the US, UK, Middle East, Far East, Asia etc. from April 2021 onwards and since then, it has done an excellent payroll delivery service for many many Global Clients in the U.S. 


In fact, in December 2021, our Chief Vision Officer and M.D. , Pratik Vaidya undertook a flying review visit to U.S. and met many global leaders to appraise them of the work in progress and to set out anticipated plans for 2022 international payroll.


Karma Management Global Tech now sets in motion its strategy and plan to tackle the minimum wages expected to increase  in more than two dozen states and localities in 2022, in the United States while some  cities will set their own minimum wages  that will differ from the State and National rate. In Seattle, Washington, for example the minimum wage will rise to $17.27 for companies with more than 501 employees.

California, Colorado and New York – among other states – also increased their salary thresholds, setting the bar for how employees need to earn before they no longer qualify for state-mandated overtime pay.

Some of the expected increase will likely to be as follows :

  • Arizona: $12.80
  • Arkansas: Increase remains to be determined (TBD)
  • California: $15 per hour for those with 26 employees or more, $14 per hour for those with 25 or fewer employees
  • Colorado: $12.56
  • Connecticut: $14
  • Delaware: $10.50
  • Florida: $11
  • Illinois: $12
  • Maine: $12.75
  • Maryland: $12.50 for those with 15 employees or more, $12.20 with 14 employees or fewer
  • Massachusetts: $14.25
  • Michigan: $9.87 (unless the state’s 2021 unemployment rate exceeds 8.5%)
  • Minnesota: $10.33 for large employers, $8.42 for small employers
  • Missouri: $11.15
  • Montana: $9.20
  • Nevada: $9.50 for those offering specific health benefits, otherwise $10.50
  • New Jersey: $13 for most, $11.90 for those with fewer than six employees
  • New Mexico: $11.50
  • New York: $13.20
  • Ohio: $9.30 for those with annual gross receipts of $342,000 per year
  • Oregon: $13.50
  • Rhode Island: $12.50
  • South Dakota: $9.95
  • Vermont: $12.55
  • Virginia: $11
  • Washington: $14.49



So here is the time for all Global Clients or domestic clients connected with the payroll of U.S. to kindly approach us at the earliest for any of your payroll requirements whether in India or across any of the global countries.  We have a big team of payroll experts who have been in this profession for over 10 years , churning out on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, to give quick and accurate delivery of payroll services via our state of the art tools which also contains an employee self service module and appraisal management together with mobile app attendance and above all, a chat bot.

Please get connected with our Marketing / Sales Department located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent payroll service.

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