Karma Management State of the Art Training Centre
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Karma Management State of the Art Training Centre – Karma Management at its best in Transforming the Skill Landscape

Karma Management has a well-furnished, state-of-the-art, training center, devoid of IT hassles and housekeeping issues, fully aligned and integrated with top-notch technology, and can cater to upto 100 people at a time with Ben-Q multiple projections. 

Training and Development have started getting evolved into a stand-alone vertical at Karma Management that serves a two-fold purpose.  One single point focused agenda is to keep on regularly offering a number of soft skills training programs to its workforce and the other broader agenda is to bring in a variety of soft skills training programs to the external world of people who are desirous of updating their deficiencies and equipping themselves with knowledge and expertise from some of the well-known faculties who have been in this training field for over 30 years.

As can be seen from the above depicted recent pictures, Karma Management has one of the best-equipped skill training centers.  The infrastructure and other trendy related requirements have been designed as per the latest industry standards by undertaking an in-depth study of the professional requirement of trainees as well as our highly established faculties; helping the trainees, not only to advance their career goals with soft skills but also to become fully trained and knowledgeable in areas such as payroll processing, temp staffing, on-boarding, recruitment and talent acquisition, regulatory compliances and HR services.

 Here we see Sana Kazi, a veteran in the field of facilities management, and professionally competent as a topmost women entrepreneur,  providing a hands-on exercise and real-world simulations to the trainees who also happen to be staff of Karma Management,  on the operations, functioning, and governance of facilities management by aligning her knowledge and thoughts and processes as per global standards, with the grasping minds of the eager learners.



Karma Management at its best in transforming the skill landscape – incorporating facilities management services into its fold :

Karma Management has recently added one more prestigious wing to its ever-expanding verticals, by incorporating the facilities management services into its fold and the team is working very hard in proving itself to be leading security, facility, and software service provider with a pan-Indian presence with its facilities corporate operational set up at Bangalore.  However, Karma Management’s parental headquarters remains to be stationed at Santacruz East in Mumbai with an India presence in all the States and Union Territories of India.

The Facilities Management Services is spearheaded by a team comprising of competent and highly qualified professionals thereby enabling the company to provide its clientele with the very best of facility management and security service which is at par with global standards.

While multinational firms bring in their cross-market expertise, standardization, and service benchmarks, the Karma Management SPACES team handling facility management services is confident in providing ultra-customized and cost-effective solutions with low turnaround times. 

Karma Management’s SPACES Group has adopted various growth strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, aggressive expansions, and joint ventures with local service providers to strengthen our position in this every growing facility services market. Yes,  Karma Management will be facing competition from some of the players in and around but in many aspects, Karma will strive hard in proving to be more successful in our rapidly increasing endeavors, due to its rich legacy of over 2 decades where we have grown and survived all the highs and lows and build our solid brand over the progressive years.

Karma Management at its best in transforming the skill landscape – moving into the world of digital technology

Like with all other establishments, the digital outburst of technology has taken the world by storm and this has not been a big revelation and shocker for Karma Management, for it had advanced its digitalization program some 3 years back with the adoption of AI and chatbots.   In fact, all its web-based tools were conceptualized and were made ready to use some two years back viz. WECHECKED, WEPROCESSED, FULCRUM, BUMBLEBEE, and the flexible and intricate working of these tools have been constantly exposed to the learnings of the trainees by means of a structured training program in our well-equipped training center.

Our training methodology has always been to :

  • Design and develop a detailed curriculum for in-house and external trainees  with potential and scope for employability of highly trained skills in our outsourcing programs
  • To facilitate on-the-job training in specified areas and identifying  industries  for further growth and development at clients’ locations
  • Training on personality and life skills development including confidence and team building, mentoring as well as leadership programs
  • Creating a network of agencies and franchisees with necessary linkages for catering to both urban and rural requirements, in non-metro towns as well.
  • Creating  a database on the trainees  for placement at clients’ locations as per our outsourcing programs designed to provide efficiency at clients’ locations
  • Ensure quality checks at every stage of our processes with strict monitoring and supervision

For more details on our well-equipped training center at Santacruz East in Mumbai, kindly contact our Admin Head, Ashish for giving you a demo of the infrastructure and training facilities

For more details on our internal and external training programs, kindly contact our Sales / Marketing Head at Santacruz East in Mumbai.

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