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Karma Management takes the lead in recruitment as a “forward-thinking organization “ ………………


We have clearly defined our role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment as one of the vital vertical organs of the Organization besides other business verticals.

We have clearly defined our role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment – the latest trends in recruitment 2022

Karma Management Global Tech Firm has upscaled its operations in the last one year or so , even transforming its name to Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by means of sheer forward-thinking, in its endeavor to work at a global level. In a survey that was done some time ago, it came to light from feedback from global professionals that :

In this respect, it can be said that Karma Management Global Tech Firm has also branched out in countries like Canada, U.K., U.S.A., Middle East and Far East, where it is offering a plethora of services in recruitment, outsourcing and payroll.  Therefore, our services are not limited to India alone, but we are now supporting globally international clients as well.

Having a robust, diverse workforce that represents the population is a major priority for organizations today.  Karma Management believes that inclusivity and diversity make organizations stronger— it is our view that it helps us to connect with customers, makes products better, and creates opportunities all around. And it’s not just ethnic or gender diversity,  but ” true inclusivity  also brings in people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, age groups, and other qualities that give people a range of life and professional perspectives.  With this purpose in mind, it keeps on evolving its recruitment and talent acquisition strategies to bring in  new perspectives by setting out a  strategic diversity hiring plan as far as international acquisition at the global level is concerned.

Karma Management always goes into forward-thinking about how to improve the organisation’s  diversity  and it does by  branching out from the mundane exercise  in  recruitment  and job postings. Karma Management keeps on expanding the horizon by looking for diversity-dedicated platforms to bring in pools of qualified candidates with the right fit and matching skills.

We have clearly defined our role and approach towards Talent Acquisition and Recruitment – a suite of products

Karma Management has a suite of products to manage its recruitment, outsourcing, regulations and governance, and payroll operations.  These classy suite of products go by the name of (1) WeChecked (2) WeProcess (3) Fulcrum (4) Bumblebee  (5) Payroll Buddy  and (6) HRMS.

At  Karma Management, digital transformation continues to be the catalyst for innovation.  It has now laid the plans for  Digital Skill Assessment for Global Enterprises to further upskilling the global operations in recruitment talent acquisition, L & D, payroll, outsourcing, and regulatory compliances.  In the run-up to the operations, it keeps an eye on the constant use of digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture, and customer experience to meet the changing business and market requirements.  Karma Management main USP in this , is to completely alter the way global clients businesses are managed and operated, and how Karma Management can add top notch business value , in its delivery  to customers.

When Karma Management embarks on setting its footprints in giving high-end delivery and results, at the back of its mind, it stitches up the following ingredients :

  • INTEGRITY………………………….. Our word is our business, we stand by it and always deliver.


  • ETHICAL. ……………………………….We are honest and ethical in all we do. …


  • RELATIONSHIP. ……………….We appreciate and strive to build strong and long-term business partnerships with our clients.


  • SATISFACTION. ……………………….Having clear values, well communicated, is crucial for employee satisfaction, talent acquisition, and being aligned around the strategy and it  I s important to get them right, to reflect us in all that we do!


  • EXCELLENCE. …………………………..our values are powerful and we try to achieve as a business by giving excellent services


  • DETERMINATION………………………..determined to have an inclusive environment where team members are nurtured and developed


So here is the time for all Global Clients or domestic clients to get connected with  us for your recruitment needs .   We have a big team of recruitment and talent acquisition experts who have been in this profession for over 10 years, churning out clients’ expectations on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis, to give quick and accurate delivery of recruitment services via our state of the art tools.


Please get connected with our Recruitment Head located at Karma House, Santacruz East, Mumbai on our board lines (022) 42 44 44 44 and you can be assured of quality and excellent recruitment services.

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