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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. known earlier since its inception in 2004 , as Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has been standing tall till today on its 4 verticals viz. Payroll, Outsourcing (Temp Staffing) , Labour Law Compliances and Recruitment (Talent Acquisition).

Being in the core field of Labour Laws , Payroll and Outsourcing (Temp and Permanent Staffing) , it was but natural to make a humble foray into Recruitment (Talent Acquisition) since it is a very well known belief that “People make Organizations” and thus, our then long relationship clients suggested that Karma needs to venture in to this recruitment field, both from the perspective of not only acquiring talent but managing and retaining them for the sake of the venerated clients , sometime in the years 2005 – 2006.

With this perspective in mind, Karma started taking initiatives and in less than 2 years , sometime in the years 2007 – 2008 , Karma already had about 6000 outsourced employees on its rolls , across all segments, viz. Telecommunication, Financial Services, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Entertainment, Education, Garment, BPO, Facility and Hospitality, Aviation, and so on.

This itself came as a big relief for all kinds of Organizations looking up to Karma to avail such staffing services, since it was not just maintaining the employees on its payroll but scouting for right talent across all functions and locations.

The world is not the same what it was before, this is so because of technology and with the invasion of technology, the recruitment process also has undergone a drastic change. This has compelled the Recruiters to make their process more vibrant by bringing in highly sophisticated software technology as an enabler for recruitment.

Adding to the technology part of invading the sphere and momentum of traditional recruitment practices in India, the pandemic also played a contributory role in changing the dimensions of the recruitment process with the work from home rule setting in and thus the landscape of recruitment totally took a 360 degree turn to overcome the challenges of technology and pandemic.

Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. located at Santacruz East, Mumbai, took up the upheaval task of leveraging its strengths on the current depressing situation by adapting to newer technological practices, and thus today, Karma Management’s recruitment portfolio is heavily engaged in scouting talents for all types of industries and roles and functions as a consequence of imbibing the following practices :

Karma has set the latest trends in recruitment by creating contract jobs, work from home jobs or flexible days off to attract and tap into a larger talent pool. Already having 6000 employees on its payroll by way of outsourced temp staffing, permanent staffing, Karma has been able to increase its talent pool and acquire the best talent with specialized skills without the burden of having an enormous hiring budget.

Karma has been able to successfully build up their talent pool by utilizing the inherent potential of each and every individual by evolving a determined workforce for making them accessible to different organizations according to their necessities and requirements. Outsourced staffing and recruitment has offered Karma the twin advantage of constantly having to retain a sizeable amount of people as its bench strength in order to cater to immediate requirements of filling in the vacancies as soon as they arise. Thus talent acquisition happens in Karma as a consequence of the pool of ability and efficiency which are the two service qualities manifested in the deliveries and results.

With India snowballing towards technological advancement, Karma Management also has catapulted into the higher state of the art technology with the creation of multiple platforms and by bringing in machine learning to make instant information available through the chat bots with immediate query/answer sessions available throughout the time.

Karma has made its legacy of over 20 years publicized across social media in order to make it known to potential candidates the kind of background that Karma Management comes with as a “Good Place to Work” having won the award several times in the past . Thus making known the company’s culture through conversations and networking, the conducive environment which Karma Management is firmly embedded in, gives a good spring board for potential candidates to take the leap in their career.

Karma Management is fully into the revolutionized structure which the recruitment practices have slided into , with job interviews happening through the online video mode and cutting sharply the accessibility, availability and other constraints which a candidate usually faces . Karma Management’s tapping of video calls has given opportunities to talented people who are outside the cities in remote locations but wanting to make a career without many strings attached.

Karma Management’s Recruitment vertical operates with a huge technological solution of Data Analytics which helps assess old candidates, keep track of their profiles to reach out to them for other relevant jobs, systems to automatically screen profiles using AI bots and all of these make Karma Management, a highly recommended Recruiting Organization for all kinds of hiring, be it small, medium or large.

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