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Karma Management’s style of re-inventing the wheel and re-engineering the process , keeps its Recruitment Head, Hiring Managers and Executives constantly on its toes , so that at times, in the lean period, its efficient wheels are rotating round-the-clock with some activities or the other.

Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition Team. The Recruitment Team works for shorter duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling.

For Karma’s Hiring Managers, the primary function of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, is a completely different ball game as compared to various other agencies. An example of this is like a person saying, “I used to babysit” but having a child of my own is a different ball game. When hiring the right candidate is not an easy job for any recruiting agency as one needs to properly apply the mind and also put in a lot of efforts , and this becomes a routine in the normal course of carrying out the recruiting business. But when it comes to recruiting for the “c-suite”, it becomes a different ball game altogether as it is definitely a more rigorous process when the positions to be hired are “critical” positions in an Organization that have a direct impact or influence on the business.

At Karma Management, the experienced Hiring Managers and Executives are given a thorough practice initially to decipher when recruiting people for any organization, to understand before hand the criticality of the various positions given to Karma by Client Organizations for sourcing and selecting. Once the understanding is clear as to the nature of the vacant position, the recruitment steps to be undertaken, becomes like slicing a knife through the butter. However, c-suite positions or critical positions which are assessed, take a different turn or spin and the steps to be followed also, become more rigorous with a hard drive but fulfilling and satisfying. These positions are usually at the senior or top level as this is where the impact and influence lies in decision making and shouldering the heavy responsibilities of the organization on which are dependent the lower lot of people in the organization.

The weight of the different ball game in this process of hiring, is too large and too heavy. It is not the normal exercise of doing routine hiring where you undertake a tick box exercise on candidate’s capabilities and competencies. Here, the critical positions are assessed on a completely different platform and it proceeds with a “full cycle recruiting” that is

(a) Preparing

(b) Sourcing

(c) Screening

(d) Selecting

(e) Hiring

(f) Onboarding

(g) Orientation

(h) Buddy-mentor formation

(i) Staging career path and progression

(j) Staging training programs

(k) Initial hand holding

(l) Closure of honey mooning

(m) Quarterly review

(n) Half yearly review

(o) Measuring balance scorecard and KPIs

(p) Annual performance appraisal

(q) Rewards , Recognition and Promotion if any

Candidates experience that matters the most :

In this kind of a different hiring ball game, the importance of having a great candidate happens only by giving the candidate a great experience. When an individual candidate has to deal with several people in the hiring chain, it becomes an irritation, and creates a lot of confusion in the bargain. When candidates have to speak to various people at the same time, not knowing who to reach out and when, this kind of a situation makes way for disinterest and makes the candidate disheartened. But when candidates know exactly who will be guiding them through each stage of the process, it brings a kind of reassurance and takes away all the stressful period or apprehensions which the candidates may be having in the run up to the various stages of the full hiring process, especially when the positions are vulnerable and critical.

As for the hiring managers, this involvement throughout the entire process presents a great opportunity to create a more meaningful relationship with the candidates with its personalized way of communicating with them which in turn, will does have a positive effect and certainly gives the candidates a joyful experience of a life time. If there is a single line of a person in charge of a particular candidate’s progression, the chances of hiccups and bottlenecks are very negligible. But for this to happen, the person concerned or in charge, has to be well versed and well organized and should be fully disciplined and knowledgeable with a sense of maturity and anticipation.

Coming back to the point of hiring critical positions which are a different ball game altogether, At Karma Management, the Hiring Managers constantly dig deep into the individuals capabilities and competencies especially looking earnestly for truthful examples and narration of situations where the candidates have made a turnaround of failing prospects or products or opportunities or businesses or changes or renewal of strategies. This is specially so because the roles for which the candidates are being considered, are for major company decision making which can directly or indirectly put a brake or lift up the products and portfolios of any such organization.

Also, the most important thing in this kind of a ball game, is the kind of conversation that Hiring Managers build up with the candidates positioned as critical. The conversation has to be more mature and strategic where the Hiring Managers have to understand the client and their needs in much more detail , that would ultimately determine the interest, the desire, the intensity, dedication and commitment towards the role.

Karma Management Global Tech Firm who has been in the recruitment and talent acquisition business for over 2 decades, in fact, initially before inception of Karma Management in the year 2004, the visionary leader Pratik Vaidya had started by offering a single product line viz. recruitment and after being designated by the Board of Management, as the Managing Director in 2004, the product and service lines were expanded to diversify by offering all other related HR & compliance services including payroll, temp staffing, on-boarding, employee engagement, wellness programs, training programs, labour law services, vendor audits, and today, the empire has grown with multi-faceted dimensions by even crossing the shores of India to take on international services in UK, USA, Middle East, Philippines, etc.

We are open to any kinds of dialogues with interested and resourceful people across any spectre, and do drop for a vital chat with our Head of Recruitment, located at our Headquarters at Santacruz East, Mumbai and we never know, sometimes on an undefined path, anything can fructify…………and opening a conversation with us, is left to you. Give it a try and tomorrow will be a history !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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