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Recruitment Blog No. 5

Karma Management’s style of re-inventing the wheel and re-engineering the process , keeps its Hiring Managers and Executives constantly on its toes , so that at times, in the lean period, its efficient wheels are rotating round-the-clock with some activities or the other.

· Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition Team. The Recruitment Team works for short duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling by targeting end to end multi-tasking as follows :

lead generation and sourcing.
Interviews and assessments.
o Reference checking.
Final hiring decisions.

Karma Management’s Talent Acquisition Team , containing a high profile organized set of members, are focused and have created themselves as important drivers leading to a high turnover of business success. It indulges majorly on the 3-way approach of (a) attraction (b) selection and (c) attrition , ensuring that all the 3 lead to achieving the organizational goals.

(a) The fundamental question that arises is how do you draw people towards you. In Physics , we have learnt the law of attraction but in this case, we are dealing with the mind set of human beings , their likes and dislikes , their wants and needs, their desires and goals, etc. Therefore, what it really means is that our thoughts attract our results. This is simply because what we think about and believe, we tend to do. Our actions then produce the results we have in life. So also, multiples of Job seekers apply to all possible organizations but they only go for the ones that they want to work for, as these organizations differentiate themselves based on a number of factors.

This is where Karma Management Global Consulting Organization goes out of its way to give candidates what they desire and want, and the candidates in turn, get attracted to Karma Management because of its strong “employer brand” and a very strong “value proposition” for candidates and existing employees as well.

(b) The second vigor is selection. Karma Management gives due attention to all the jobs seekers who apply at Karma for positions that are published as also for positions that are not called for, who then reside in the valuable talent pool container, to be retrieved by the system when a vacancy arises that exactly match the skill sets and job profile. As soon as the resume falls into the recruitment drawers of Karma, it then becomes our responsibility to select the candidates that align with both the role and the organization. The resume then becomes a “person fit” to equally match the “job fit” as well as “organization fit” encompassing the triangle dimension of the selection process which is automated to select the potential candidate from the tons of data streamlined into the system sitting on the cloud platform securedly and confidentially.

(c) The third power is attrition. This power, plays an important role and is sitting confidently on the above two mentioned dimensions of (i) attracting and (ii) selecting. While attracting is okay and it goes with all kinds and types of candidates who approach Karma Management as job seekers but the selection in Karma is quite distinct and fully automated to pick up exactly the “right fit” for the “right organization” . This is so because we very well know the consequences in case of a mismatch between the fit and unfit in terms of job profile and skill sets; there is no other choice for the candidate but to quit if the role does not suit his temperament and working environment. Karma’s understanding of the clients requirement is very clear in terms of selecting and retaining only those people who are congruent or compatible with the characteristics, culture, values and makeup of that organization.

Having spoken about sourcing, we come to the next part of engaging. Earlier days it would be advertising vacancies in newspapers and/or passing the word round about such vacancies and people learning of it from friends circle or any such informal groups. This has all changed now in modern times; The Internet and rapidly advancing technologies, of course, have overtaken and overstepped the old ways of attracting resources.

Today professionals, clearly understand the power that technology can bring to their organizations across many stages of the talent acquisition process.

Like some of the digitalized global organizations, Karma Management Global consulting solutions organization has also notched higher scales on the technology front where our recruitment process is automated in the following manner :

· “from the application process,

· to processing applications on the back end,

· to completing the interview process and

· then onboarding our talent,”

But it is not just the automated and the systems that abound the recruitment process, what Karma Management also looks very hard at is engaging a potential candidate or a dormant candidate awaiting his big break at some point of time or the other. Karma Management constantly endeavors to improve the candidates’ experience which has been defined as “very critical”.

It is therefore for Karma’s Hiring Managers and Executives to devote ample time and energy during the lean period, on adopting various methods of engaging the candidates , both active and dormant, on a consistent basis to improve the candidates experience by staying in touch for one reason or the other. This helps us to create better front-end experience for the multitudes of candidates , both by personal interaction as well as interaction with the system. It is this two way interaction , both personal wise and technology wise, that engages the candidates and brings them closer to the organization . In short, it the follow up with the candidates on how and what they are doing to upgrade their skills and practices to reach up to the topping point of their profile matching the needs of the organization desirous of having people with such skill sets.

The last of the three power packed move is to win over the best talents. Earlier there would be lot of problems in getting people with unprecedented skills and experience gaps.

Karma Management believes that Talent management is usually driven from the top, and one is able to retain talent with consistent employee engagement. Winning the talent war requires a paradigm shift towards giving employees more control of their own development and unleashing the talent hidden within them. So rightly at the time of recruitment, it lays down a clear path of how the candidates will move in the course of their careers which the Organization has engaged them for that specific job profiles and skill sets. From the time of the automated assessment analytics, the results drawn from the system clearly differentiates performers and high value jobs in terms of knowledge, skills, experiences, and personal qualities needed to handle the most important responsibilities and challenges. This helps candidates, Karma’s Hiring Managers and the clients team to have fruitful discussions of what ingredients are required to be received by the candidates during his journey down the path of his building careers within the organization.

This is how Karma Management prepares the role for the candidates to be successful and fit for the organizations’ future talent needs.

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