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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions has been steadfast and growing in its in-house payroll delivery model for nearly 2 decades , having a huge set of dedicated staff on its rolls, to deliver payroll consistently and efficiently to all its clients.

Different companies payroll can never be the same as it varies from client to client with each of them having their own form of CTC. Thus, Karma Management takes an unique approach to execution of each clients’ payroll by taking into account, employees’ entitlement , employment legislation, deductions and taxation, in a manner that is applicable and relevant to each client organization. It is for this reason that our payroll has been designed with technological changes over the years, keeping in mind the global and local payroll operations which is dependent on two key factors viz.

· Accommodating local regulatory requirements

· Tailor-made for in-country delivery specific to clients

With the huge in-flow of global and local data in our payroll process, there is a seamless interface with other multiple platforms supporting the process. This has enhanced the productivity level of our payroll operations by being agile and flexible , which contains cloud based workflows, calendars and schedules, dashboards and reports that processes real time data for all employees numbering to over 2 lakhs.

Karma Management’s payroll operations is designed to disrupt business operations by executing each clients’ payroll cycle closure, month on month, resulting in timely payment of salary within 10 days from the cycle closure date, thereby promoting a healthy and motivated workforce , bringing about a positive influence on the organizations and its employees.

The business disruptions has come down to almost zero level because we keep on adjusting to practices which are best suited to workplace reality as well as our clients . Over the years, we felt the need to digitize certain processes to minimize business disruption and this is what has improved our organizational efficiency and streamlined our payroll delivery processes to give optimum delivery and results.

The shift-in-gear in the digitalization movement has enabled us to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and competitively. We can confidently say that today we are better prepared for the future of work, where we have elevated our business operations further by moving into the cloud, helping us to eliminate paper-based records and processes. We have now been given the tag of a forward-thinking organization that doesn’t rely so heavily on paper checks and paper work with total elimination of manual interventions and glad to say that this approach has reduced manual check distribution , with less administrative burden on payroll teams. Plus, reducing costs from cutting fewer paper checks, while minimizing ecological footprints.

Many of our clients have gone in for flexible type of payroll payment. In the recent times, the payroll landscape has been evolving. With the environmental changes happening and the dynamics of workforce getting up-scaled, clients have been considering more flexible ways to pay their people by moving out from the traditional pay cycle processing. Thus, more and more pay solutions are being rendered with digital account on their mobile device which gives the employees more control and oversight over their personal finances, leading to reduced financial stress, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

The value that our clients get in return for the payroll services retained with us, is that such kind of employees’ financial wellness, has resulted in better engagement and retention, and improved brand perception

At Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our in-built automated attendance and leave management system provides accuracy to an otherwise extensive attendance and leave management system. Time, attendance and leave management software is a compelling employee attendance tracking system that enables your organization to remain organized. From being sure about finishing extraordinary undertakings quicker to giving the directors efficient time-saving administrative options, overseeing missed clock-ins and late time chronicles get easier with our time and attendance tool.

Offering a comprehensive solution to both small and large organizations and catering to almost every industry, our very own user-friendly mobile app, with biometric implementation can effortlessly and accurately keep a track of employees’ attendance and leaves. Our CUCKOO Time and Attendance solution is what your organization needs to make the time management system perfect.


Karma Management’s state-of-the-art payroll system has shifted to mobile attendance in a big way . Our technology utilizes current users’ geolocation to make ‘brand-user’ communication as relevant as possible.

In fact, most of our clients are into the business of Facility Management where the employees are spread on to different locations in one city and/or spread in different locations in various cities with different types of numbers and sizes. Capturing the attendance manually on to hard attendance sheets day-in and day- out becomes a tedious process with shift timings and normal / extended hours of work. Logging into the mobile device with our very own “cuckoo” app available on “play store” makes it very easy for any employee in the location, to log and register his daily attendance in any location or any state at any given time. This totally eliminates the process of manually marking your attendance on physical attendance card or attendance sheet followed by the administrative work of sending the attendance by post or scanning and sending by mail to payroll team for processing.

· Geo-targeting: The method consists of targeting a user based on their location. This includes country, state, city, zip code and IP address.
· Geo-fencing: Consists of drawing a “fence” around a location. Once the user either enters or exits the “fence”, they can receive an alert on their phone for a promotion or coupon.

In this way, Karma Management has put in lot of effort to build a modern culture and its own brand perception; with more than 80% owning a smartphone, the future of digitalized payroll will take an easy turn , giving seamless experience across devices, particularly when it comes to getting salary paid and details appearing automatically on the mobile device within the stipulated date and time.

Thus, all potential clients will truly benefit if they choose a company like Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions to handle their payroll related work who has a strong environmental agenda in mind and accurately balanced digitalized payroll services at heart.

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