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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions has been steadfast and growing in its in-house payroll delivery model for nearly 2 decades,  having a huge set of dedicated staff on its rolls,  to deliver payroll consistently and efficiently to all its clients.


Besides payroll and other business verticals, Karma Management also specializes in “Corporate Advisory Services” which has a dedicated intellectual wing to provide expert subject knowledge in the area of consultancy to Corporates.

Coming back to payroll, we have a strong team of people who are both practicing and consulting.  There are excellent colleagues who are mentored by Team Leaders of extraordinary capabilities and who have the gift of the gab to go through various challenges with a solution in mind. 

The end result of the way we build up our “dispensing communication steps” across clients, lies in the fact, is to get a complete and comprehensive understanding of the Corporate requirements.  Therefore, our payroll team spends a lot of time initially to get a “ringside view” of different perspectives together with different leadership perspectives along with guzzling the significance of good vital and robust processes and systems.   The two great pillars of good communication across clients are the “processes” and “systems” across which all the other axles of Karma’s payroll networking rotates.

To work on payroll operations diligently, one needs to have an “inquisitive mindset”  that understands the process behind the generation of numbers and figures and how the calculations should be read, and in what manner the financial salary statements, as well as compliance deduction statements, should be understood and dispersed.  Only when one can understand the finer nuances or better said, “the Art of Payroll Processing and Communicating” does the revenue and business model of payroll assumes greater significance in the eyes of the clients together with its error-free and timely delivery.

Business dynamics have indeed changed dramatically over the last two decades and none of us can afford to go back to earlier times and engage ourselves with the traditional ways of working.  Plunging into the present time becomes all the more critical to prepare ourselves for the decade ahead by staying ahead of digitalization, totally driven by convergence and technology especially artificial intelligence.

As we have seen during take-offs with the clients from their past experiences with other service providers, they have found communication to be one of the weakest areas in the field of payroll delivery.  Of course, on and off we need to re-visit entrepreneurship, business strategies, marketing and branding, new business initiatives but amongst all these, communication surpasses the need to be in close touch with the clients at every stage of the payroll process, the values of which have been ingrained into the minds of every team member attached to payroll in karma which has been appreciated by all our clients.   The innumerable level of interactions with clients, colleagues, mentors, interns, and leaders has led to inevitable conclusions or more precisely to say “predictable conclusions” and as the saying goes, “if the process is one hundred percent right”, the results are automatically bound to be one hundred percent right.  This shift in the attitude of people, not only to update but also to upskill on this front, has stayed relevant in present times at Karma, else one is bound to face redundancy at some point or the other.

Communication helps to negotiate across challenging times and when it is fully armed with the tool of communication, one can see through the tunnel in a very gratifying manner.  It is known and understood that failures and mistakes are an integral part of the learning process and for any such experience, one should be ready and willing to take such shortcomings in its stride and get over them instantly by rectifying the error only once and ensuring that it never happens again. 

Along with mathematical and technical skills, written and oral communication skills are essential to the payroll in today’s workplace at  Karma.  Effective communication enables the payroll department to be legislatively compliant, increase productivity and create good working relationships with other departments within the business and across the levels of various clients.

 Karma management’s Payroll Division goes about opening its communication model across all stakeholders in the following manner :

  1. Consider your audiences – who are you sending the message to?
  2. Define the purpose of your message – are you trying to inform, advise, request or obtain information?
  3. Choose the best method of communicating your message – verbally, non-verbally, or in writing
  4. Consider how the message will be received by your audience and be prepared
  5. Check to make sure you have included all necessary information
  6. Read your written messages all over again before shooting out
  7. Ensure your messages contain brevity, are precise and concise, and crystal clear
  8. Keep clear of jargon and unwanted confusing statements especially analytical statements
  9. Messages and statements once said, do not repeat or reiterate them unless it is significant and worthwhile to mention again.


With Karma Management diversifying into the international world of payroll in countries like U.S., U.K., Middle East, Far East, Asia, it has equally raised its levels of communication particularly with Global Payroll Leaders and Managers with whom they are currently engaged with.  


The good news is that our Chief Vision Officer and M.D., Pratik Vaidya has just returned from the United States, who was on a fortnight trip to communicate on global payroll scenarios across the world and in particular Asia in which Karma Global Tech Firm has a significant presence in the market, and to emphasize on the need of “payroll mobility management” with new simplifications “in-country” and “multi-country”  where Karma drives the payroll process with enthusiasm, commitment to excellence in customer service and very passionate about talent development.


Such kind of interactions with clients has helped to communicate a complex idea to heighten operational functions.  It has brought about and does bring a clear understanding and heeding of cultural nuances around salary and benefits, holidays, payment cycles, leave, deductions, and overcoming all language barriers thus closing any and all cultural gaps. 

Karma Management has often felt the need to step up and to rise in the top 5 of the Global Payroll Sector as without the skill of strategic communication, understanding the “why” of a decision and being there, would only be a tall commitment without any real presence.

 To go with this vision, Karma Management has been giving its payroll staff morale and skill boosters in the area of training and education.  Training,  ineffective communication,  is as important as helping its payroll team to hone all-round skills so that they can advance their functions and careers :

  • The skill of being strategic
  • The skill of being credible
  • The skill of being persuasive


Networking, both physical and digital, together with communication, is an integral part of the growth at Karma Management Global Tech Firm were working collaboratively, both vertically and across disciplines, as we do understand in karma,  is critical for the future. All our payroll team members are taught to focus more on problem identification and definition with a focus on solutions and everyone has to practice professionalism by aiming to offer at least one new service line every year.

Changes to pay structure are among the most difficult things to discuss because they may be more complex, and thus, harder to understand. However, Payroll Team at Karma Management does not see this as a big challenge or issue, or concern because it has a well-developed communication strategy that explains how to go about the various levels of interactions when it comes to changes in the company’s pay structure or deductions or taxations or preparation of analytics /financial statements or statutory changes and reforms and Government benefits,  as understanding, grasping, clarifying and communicating forms the backbone of Karma’s Payroll Processing aided by state of the art tool integration.

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