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Karma Management’s perspective at the future of outsourcing (permanent and temp staffing in India) in the next 2 to 5 years , seems to take a bright turn since it has been in the business of outsourcing (temp staffing) for a very long time, right from the inception of Karma in 2004 when Pratik Vaidya, took over the reins of the Company as its Managing Director.

Karma has always seen outsourcing as a top business trend and a vital organ for making HR, as a strategic partner in the grooming of employees towards charting out a sound career for every individual on its roll, upto 6000 today and growing each day.

Karma Management has always been the hub for small and medium class of offices and industries where they would find it difficult to engage in HR activities since their concentration would always be on hard core business delivery and results.

As history repeats itself most of the time, there will always be cost pressures and flexible working dynamics in relation to employees life cycle and the accompanying human dynamics. Undoubtedly, clients will always see for more and more standardized solutions from its contractual engagements with us but this is where Karma has been very strong on its differentiators, some of which are listed below :

1) Karma has always demonstrated its true worth in tackling various issues related to employees life cycle in an efficient manner thereby removing and taking away all kinds of obstacles that were faced by the clients from time to time

2) Karma has been client centric and industry centric and thus this has enabled the company to bring its unique service offerings into the main stream

3) The company systematically goes about its process by starting with due diligence or assessment and ending with monitoring of results. It always seeks a different way of approaching the problem and giving a resulted oriented solution to its clients

4) Perhaps, it will be hard to believe but it is a well known fact in Karma that all of us feel like a great team due to the nature of specific characteristics that are required in every individual to give the end results in the outsourcing process to its innumerable clients who have been in relationship with us for a very long time

5) Karma has always believed in its overall business strategy , in which it has laid emphasis to directly address the needs of the customers in relation to end to end management of an employee, in any role, any position, any location, any experience and expertise, for the employees to establish and quickly slide into the main stream of any organization where they are deployed and to thereafter , consistently service outsourced employees requirements and career growth, and look after his/her tangible and intangible needs.

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