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Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition Team. The Recruitment Team works for shorter duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling, end-to-end.

It is very well known universally that one is not one hundred percent perfect all the time especially when faced with umpteen challenges. Karma Management’s Recruitment Team believes that adaptability and resilience are the keys to succeed in the global business world. Now with so many predictable and unpredictable situations arising due to numerable concerns and conditions, one must fully adapt itself to maintain an advantage in the ever changing world. Adaptability means being flexible and maintaining a positive attitude.

On the other hand, Resilience has several layers, including thoughts, behaviors, actions, skills and attitudes. One must have a clear understanding of how our behavior impacts others. Employees must devise ways to be reflective whenever possible and this is what moves them to become more resilient.

Karma Management’s Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Team continuously keeps on finding a number of ways to improve resilience and adaptability in recruitment and talent acquisition activities. It is understood that adaptable teams are great at creative thinking. Thinking creatively helps teams consider different ways of completing a task, thus making them more flexible and resilient.

Most people feel uncomfortable with ambiguous and confusing work details. When teams learn to be more comfortable with uncertainty, they will learn how to remain positive in challenging situations.

Taking an analogy from the just concluded T20 game, Harshal Patel said “somebody like me, who was not exceptionally talented, I had to have the ability to build my game from the ground up” Harshal Patel may not be too naturally gifted but what is clear after his Player of the Match performance in his debut match in Ranchi , is that the Haryana guy certainly did take on to adaptability and resilience to stand out with outstanding performance. What was good going for him was that the right arm medium pacer knew his limitations and was patient enough to work on his abilities rather than harping on what he lacks.

Yes, very true, most of the time, we keep on complaining and grumbling about what we do not have and thus we lose focus on the things that we have, the talents that we have, the skills that we have and instead of harnessing and polishing them further, we tend to fall back on what we do not have.

Harshal Patel’s ways of thinking were very positive, he said “for me it was the ability to differentiate between my skillset and the things that I could not do, things that my skillset or talent would not allow me to do. You need to keep working on that and make it so good that even with limited skill or limited options, you can make it work” Harshal said after the second T20I. At close to 31 years of age, Patel became the sixth oldest debutant for Team India in the shortest format of the game but made an instant impact. Harshal learnt that one of the skills he is known for , is the Yorker and this was not going to work due to heavy dew. He therefore relied on his other skills to deliver the goods.

The Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Team of Karma Management , is also at times faced with similar situations as was faced by Harshal Patel on his debut. Karma Management also recruits a lot of debutants to give them a chance to up and multiply their skills and gives ample opportunity to adapt to different situations , off the field and on the field where they are constantly batting with numerable opportunities from the clients end.

Customer Service is the life line of any business and it is not just a department. Karma Management is aware of the fact that “Great Service = Delighted Customer = Prosperous Business”.

Any business would want its staff to be passionate in delivering excellent service to its customers. However, the biggest challenge most of the companies face is in motivating the employees to imbibe the service attitude.

At Karma Management, the Head of Recruitment along with other high profile Leaders in the Organization, keep on motivating the teams and we keep on pampering them because we go by the fact that if we internally keep on treating them well, it is but natural that they will externally treat the clients well. Along with kind of personality development given to them during the internal training programs conducted by the organization, the most important lesson given to them is to “listen to the clients and to understand their requirements”. It is a happy situation when clients are given a patient listening without any interruption in order to understand the customers requirements.

Some of the regular briefings given to the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition teams are in the areas of :

· Know your product. …

· Maintain a positive attitude. …

· Creatively problem-solve. …

· Respond quickly. …

· Personalize your service. …

· Help customers help themselves. …

· Focus support on the customer. …

· Actively listen.

Adaptation and Resilience comes easily when people start empathizing with the clients. In case of a dissatisfied or irritated client, never focus on the negativity nor take the customers’ irritation personally. Always, empathize, apologize where required, focus on calming down the customer tactfully and ensure correct and quick resolution to the customers requirements.

This is exactly what the Head of Recruitment does, that is keeps on re-creating this kind of service to the clients especially those clients who are seeking a quick turnaround in getting critical positions filled in at the earliest. Clients are bound to be upset when there is a snag or delay in getting the positions filled in as per timelines, may be due to a variety of factors beyond one’s control. But in these situations, showing resilience and empathy to the clients becomes important to down play charged up emotions on account of lack luster performance.

However, all these issues are prudently taken care of by the Head of Recruitment due to its constant effort to build rapport with the clients , not once-in-a-way but all the time updating them with analytics, MIS, performance driven presentations and coffee meetings.

This kind of vitality that comes from Heads and Leaders of Karma Management has paved the way for the Organization to close service gaps and improvise service levels while the Organization is spear heading to take its justifiable position in the top five global consulting organizations.

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