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Ministry of Labour & Employment

ESIC working towards accelerating coverage of COVID-19 vaccination to the unvaccinated population.
More than Rs.34 crores distributed to 12,309 beneficiaries so far, under COVID-19 Relief Scheme.
ESIC Hospitals are adopting all the updated guidelines being issued by Union Health Ministry on a regular basis for delivering better and prompt medical services.

Posted On: 15 FEB 2022 7:24PM – Government of India 

       The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, ESIC, has instructed for activation of COVID-19 vaccination sites at all ESIC/ESIS hospitals/dispensaries/special camps to accelerate the coverage of unvaccinated population.

       The Corporation under Ministry of Labour and Employment  started COVID-19 Relief Scheme to provide help and succor to the family of the Insured Persons who died due to corona virus. 

      Under this Scheme, 90 per cent of average wages of deceased Insured Persons is distributed among the eligible dependent of the deceased Insured Persons.  Spouse of the deceased IP/IW are also eligible for medical care on depositing Rs. 120/- in lump-sum for one year.  The beneficiaries are getting monthly pension as per their entitlement.

       The Scheme is currently operational till 23.03.2022, but all existing beneficiaries will continue to receive benefits.  The scheme will be reviewed after evaluating certain additional aspects including feedback from Field Units. So far ESIC has settled a total of 5,141 claims under the COVID-19 Relief Scheme .  Relief amounting to Rs. 34.15 crores have been distributed to 12,309 dependent beneficiaries.

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