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Karma Management Global Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the foremost Labour Law Consultant in Mumbai , operating on PAN India basis and having about 200 staff on its rolls for managing effectively the outsourcing process and HR compliances of over 300 clients in India and a good number of prestigious clients abroad as well, as a means of expanding beyond the territories of India.

It is a well known fact that many of the establishments face too many hurdles in their routine operations and get much distracted with the complex compliance issues. Some of the common problems faced by them from the labour law perspective is the regulation of prescribed working hours, over time payment, night shifts, issues on fundamental rights of people, wages and benefits, leave and holidays, disciplinary action and procedures, grievance settlement, notice period and termination, and so on.

Karma Management Global Consulting solutions is a well know Manpower and Outsourcing Organization, having been in this field for over 17 years and growing stronger each day because of its refined capabilities and digitalization process which has revolutionized the entire outsourcing operations of its enterprise.

When it comes to Karma Management’s trustworthy contracts with clients organizations for deploying resources on their premises, there is no cause for worry of any kind , as all the hassles are taken care of by us , in an automated manner right from scouting, sourcing, selecting, appointing, on boarding, induction and orientation, education and training and performance management.

The ever changing technology upgrade backed up by a strong centralized back office , has helped the company to create a positive environmental impact apart from business and employee experience benefits. Many of our long lasting clients availing of range of services from us , have realized the immense significance of being engaged with us which has indeed enabled them to focus on their core operational areas that will give them multiple benefits in areas of cost efficiency and consolidation of all other activities.

Karma Management’s Organizational values and culture have been deeply embedded which are the drivers for organization’s agility, enabling us to respond quickly to changes in the business environment. We are proud to say that our culture has been grounded in the right values which is vital to empowering employees to understand “what Organisation stands for” and “what is expected from them”. Right from the top to the bottom level of employees, have been enriched with the values that are well-defined, consistent with leadership actions and behaviors, and woven into the fabric of our organization so that all of them are made to feel and act in a particular way in the best interest of the organization.

Karma management has been finding out innovative ways to optimize the first day of interaction of the newly joined candidate with the internal set-up, the systems and processes, the automated and streamlined products, the governance, leadership, mentors, buddies, peers and colleagues, environment acclimatization, induction, career pathing, training and so on.

With so much of activities and tasks on hand, it is important to realise that client organizations expectancy is always to get things done in the fastest possible time frame and there cannot be any room for complacency. Almost all the tasks on hand require immediate attention and this is where the sophisticated state-of-the-art automation done by Karma Management has digitalized 80% of the outsourcing processes , leaving only 20% to be manually done by the team. Our front line Executives with adequate knowledge and skill sets, fully groomed and trained on the job, operate with the fastest possible speed within the SOP framework.

Karma Management’s mission statement of :

· To engage and enhance the customer experience in all our services by aligning as a total quality management service provider.

· To be able to create efficient, impeccable solutions that can be experienced in real-time, embracing and empowering through technology and with automation as an enabler.

· To touch people’s life internally and externally with our strong value systems.

Has enabled us to get our onboarding quotient right so that employees fall in the proper groove soonest possible along with their mental state which is the key for triggering performance peak in the coming days and months.

The Senior and Leadership level at Karma puts in a lot of effort to inspire exceptional levels of energy in the deployed resources and to increase their self-confidence and boost individual productivity.

As much as work factors gain prominence in the premises of Karma Management, so also equally, there are play factors which are also given importance and employees are given much needed liberty to stretch their creativity to the maximum like sports, hobbies, cultural programs, festival celebrations, outbound programs, participation in events and forums.

Karma has a structured approach to goal settings so as to increase employees’ capabilities, thereby tapping into a seemingly limitless well of energy.

The latest news cornering the variations in the formation and implementation of labour laws is that authorities in power are considering ways to define ’employment’ to widen coverage to include new forms of the workforce, including gig and platform workers and Anganwadi workers, ahead of a new national policy that will seek to ensure a fair deal to workers.

The need for a revised and comprehensive definition of employment is being felt because of the evolving forms of employment in India, a senior government official told Economic Times today.

“The new form of workers, including gig and platform workers, need to be factored in when the government comes up with India’s first National Employment Policy,” it was announced today.

In the light of the changing working environment, Karma Management is fully geared up to handle and manage the varying roles of employees and resources at the work place of the client organization. It is a great satisfaction at Karma Management, to see that the tiny footprints which were imprinted in the year 2004, have become larger than life , so as to take on unprecedented challenges and risks which has today given them a sense of achievement and glory in the revolutionary measures that it has undertaken.

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