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Karma Management’s outsourcing strengths

Karma Management Global Tech, the foremost  HR & Compliance Labour Law Solution Provider, has been in this field for over 17 years , mainly into providing sound solutions for complex labour law confrontations and conflicts, strong enabler of  shared and outsourcing resources, conversion maker of recruitment into talent acquisition, training and development programs to suit every individuals need based assessment , and so on.

Coming closer to Karma Management’s Shared Services and Temp Staffing businesses,  it has been managing many of the establishments functions which have been partly or fully loaded on  to us by our esteemed clients , in an impeccable processing manner.  Together with this, Karma  has been running its temp staffing business vertical , with over 6000 employees and contingent workers on its roll,  in a seamless manner within the ambit of its much advanced technological foray with highly  defined systems and processes.

Now with the gig workers coming  on the scene with the likely implementation  of the labour codes, outsourcing part of the business and activities where gig workers do not want a full time job ;  the real processing destination for this kind of outsourcing activity to be delivered over is Karma Management.   It can be any small or big activity where the gig workers or contingent workers have to be engaged and managed, Karma Management is the ideal place where this kind of services are rendered ,  easing  the process and compliance complexities on the part of the client organizations desirous to avail of such short term temp staffing activities or outsourcing of shared services.

Karma Management Global Tech takes a peek at some of the strategies that  enables  us to get our outsourcing business in a well drilled and fully geared manner at all times.

  1. Identifying  our Strengths

Karma Management takes pride in doing most of the things in the rightful manner, be it organizing job fairs or taking part in some other fairs, events and seminars.

It takes up such in-bound programs and does it exceptionally well .  It continuously grapples in making continuous interactions with its engaging clients on real time basis.  Driving customer relationship , has been the focal point and Karma Management as Labour Law Solutions Provider, does it with intense focus which gives an actual feeling to the clients that they are an integral part of the Karma Brand.  Connectivity has never been an issue with us and moreover now with the coming of age of social media, it has brought all of us ;  our branding and clients altogether as one large digital community.

Karma Management has always flapped its wings to grasp the full spectrum of the  finer points so as to be on top of the chart for any kind of HR & Compliance services.

Strengths –  Karma Management has relied heavily on the dynamic business model  which has been in existence for a long time and ever changing to adapt to new market conditions.  Given the core competencies of our team in managing the outsourcing functions and sharing of customer experience at every level of the process,  we have been able to retain our grip on being a well known  temp staffing agency in Mumbai with pan india presence.

Weaknesses – Wherever we have spotted a weakness in our business model,  our team has re-assembled instantly to give a fillip to the weak spots in any of our processing funnels in order to assess what has been lacking internally as far as processes and systems are concerned, and how to get over with the ever changing technology.

  • Opportunities        –         Karma Management has been in the forefront to seize Potential leads, investors, events, and even new target new domestic and international markets and will continue this march into 2022.
  • Threats –  In the era of covid 19 scenario, yes like every other business, it did  face threats of investors  cutting  funding, and also  negative market developments due to covid restrictions but got over this quickly with positive turnaround and smart adaption to circumstances    and processes.  The good way of combating this threat was that more and more top notch business advisors joined our Board to share ideas and insights from their experiences and this helped us to regain the  lost ground and craft an outsourcing plan suitable for freelances and francisees and all types of clients in the industry at large.

 Deciding remuneration and benefits – best in class

Karma Management has ingrained into its culture, as a part of S.L.I.C.E. values, that is, Simplicity, Legacy, Innovation, Collaboration & Excellence , always finding out  innovative ways to benchmark  data to provide appropriately timed remuneration recommendations while interacting  with customers and that too, at the precise moments just when it is needed by them for decision making and finalization of the outsourcing contract to Karma Management.

  1. Prepare Standard Operating Procedures

Karma Management’s arduous practice  has been to table the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) where all the processes are documented which contains each and every activity so that there is no room for ambiguity at all.  Any disorganization in any of the processes is immediately taken up  in order to improve the operations further.  This puts an immediate stop when some employees complain that there is no clarity or they are confused, and this is where SOP changes the way , people look at things.  Karma Management rigorously designed SOP gives people the efficiency, reliability and strong measurable  predictability to succeed in the working environment.  This is how Karma Management goes about diligently managing all the outsourced resources on its rolls of about 6000 employees , right from scouting, selecting, on boarding, going through employee life cycle, up to closure of contract of fixed term employees and regular employees.

Outsourcing, like any other business activity, takes time to get right but  Karma Management gets immediately on track, to produce desired results quickly , that are consistent and qualitative.

  1. State of the art technology, designed and developed in house.

We completely understand the business of outsourcing  and with the help of our in-built tools, WE CHECKED and WE PROCESS,   diligent and timely guidance is given to the clients on various fronts , the entire gamut from entry to exit.

These tools  by  virtue of having an inbuilt AI & ROBOTIC Process,  automation helps the task to be completed within no time & the output is faster with minimal manual intervention. WE PROCESS  and  WECHECKED not only reduces the time consumption of the end-to-end process but is an  user-friendly interface and easy to work on.

Intelligent Machines are entering into our daily lives in some way or the other, conquering every facet of our existence. It is a wide ranging tool which is forcing us to rethink on how we integrate information, analyze data and use the resulting insights to improve decision making abilities together with related on the job smooth and smart environment.

Not to be left behind, the Artificial Intelligence has entered into the arena of  Karma Management temp staffing  function in a big way thereby  eroding  all the manual tasks which would otherwise be performed earlier in a time consuming manner.  We have  strongly visualized and felt that because of the  building up of such a  speed  with AI in the  recruitment and outsourcing processes , it has led to increasing  our productivity resulting in  accurate  delivery and performance.

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