Payroll on UAE payroll
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Payroll on UAE payroll

Posted Date: 2nd August 2022 

Relating to which  Act :  (1) UAE Wage Protection system (2) UAE Gratuity Policy and Settlement (3) UAE Leave Policies (4) UAE Medical Insurance 

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Pertains to Employer or Employee or both

Subject: Payroll Management 


Karma Global’s Multi-Country Payroll with unflinching focus 0n UAE’s Payroll

Karma Global’s  Payroll Bureau has a team of experts that can help employers manage their payroll accurately and efficiently, be it at home or in the UAE.

“Karma Global’s payroll team is always friendly and professional,  they enjoy what they do and this reflects in the quality of their work. They are consistent and responsive, delivering global payroll on time and that too every time their services are highly commendable this is what the global clients say, especially clients in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai,  Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah.

“Karma Global’s payroll team is already attached to payroll processing in Canada, the US, and the UK  with a determined set of highly trained and professional people.   The main reason for this stability and growth is their dependability, reliability, and a high degree of responsiveness,  aimed at timely delivery with accuracy and steadiness.

Karma Management is endowed with excellent software tools in which all the processes have been streamlined and automated.  Karma Management’s payroll focus is not just only on payment of accurate wages but it lays a lot of emphasis on efficiency and affordability.  Besides the payment of wages, there are several other factors where the emphasis has been laid on, such as taxation, arrears, variable pay, and local regulations. 

Karma Management utilizes most of its resources by carrying out the continuous process of study, research, and analyses where a constant watch is required to check on the changing regulations and rates as well as Government norms and procedures.


Karma Global’s Multi-Country Payroll Methodology

Expertise on any subject matter is built on three factors viz. possessing knowledge, enhancing skills on your own, and taking advice from co-workers or outside of your close circle of colleagues and this is what offers abundant opportunities for progression. This is how the team in Karma Management has spent quite a while in becoming payroll experts in their domain of work and are thus, steadfast in knowledge and understanding of local UAE regulations.

Payroll inputs can never be the same for all organizations as each organization has an identity and caliber of its own and therefore Karma Management spends precious time evaluating each organization and building the payroll processor to suit the requirements of each organization, by using customized payroll application.

Karma Management’s payroll software tool called “My payroll buddy” is embedded with the employee’s self-service module which reduces all manual interventions and approvals, thereby reducing the time factor to a greater extent.  This means that the employees can apply for leave, review time sheets, make enquiries and request for overtime payment, view compensation history, and submit reimbursement slips.


Karma Global’s Multi-Country Payroll – Some Questions

Will sufficient guidance be given to the employer as well as the employees?

Yes, the employers, as well as the employees, will be given a self-regulated offline as well as online training of about one month to get used to the payroll software which is highly technical and sophisticated, and once there is a hands-on practice of a fortnight or so, the working will be very smooth and one will be amazed at the accuracy and speed that this technology holds for all of you.


Thank you for reading! In this blog, we have covered Karma Management’s foray into the efficient managing of UAE’s payroll. We hope you have found the information useful. For more updates, please sign up for our monthly newsletter called “MoJo”  with Edition 2 just released one day ago as well as the “Weekly Tag” where issue No. 7 was released yesterday.   One can even register on the new app built by Karma Management known as “WeChecked” which can be downloaded from Play Store. 


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