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Exemption to Conditions for Women EmployeesUnder the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1958 especially for women employees

The Governor of Punjab vides notification No. Labour-Lab0PSCA/2/2021-5L/I/325484/2022 and supersession of notification dated 15th October 2014 is pleased to formulate a scheme for the Shops and Establishments in the state under The Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishment Act 1958. As per the scheme, the exemption is given to the provisions towards conditions of employment, especially for women, and the exemption will be given on a case-to-case basis on receipt of applications from the establishments on the mentioned terms and conditions. 

The exemption awarded towards working hours of women employees is subject to conditions under the Shops and Establishment Act, mentioned in the notification.

Current section 30 of the Act:

  1. Condition of Employment of women. — (1) No woman shall be required or allowed to work whether as an employee or otherwise in any establishment during the night: Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall apply to an establishment that is engaged in the treatment or care of the sick, the infirm, the destitute or the mentally unfit.

(2) No employee of any establishment shall knowingly employ a woman and no woman shall engage in employment in any establishment for six weeks following the day of her confinement or miscarriage. (3) Government may prescribe further conditions in respect of employment of women employed about the business of establishment or any class of them, including if it thinks fit, conditions concerning the daily period of employment, leave, and other matters and no woman shall be employed otherwise than by these conditions.

Please refer to the notification which provides details on the conditions

Shop and Establishment Punjab Exemption to Conditions for Women Employee Under the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishment Act, 1958

Effective Date: 3rd Mar 2022


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