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Karma Management has a sizeable Recruitment Team as well as Talent Acquisition  Team.    The Recruitment Team works for shorter  duration of assignments while the Talent Acquisition Team works on the level of multi-skilling, end-to-end.

In the early Twenty-Twenties, Karma Management’s approach towards recruitment was fifty percent traditional and fifty percent modern by way of trying to immerse itself  into the digital world of recruitment.  Traditionally, It went by local paper advertisements, local employment office postings, scouting with temp agencies, internal hiring, referral methods and so on.  The benefits of the traditional recruitment methods  served us  well and delivered employees which have played a key role in defining the organizations  where they were deployed .  Along with the traditional so called method mentioned above, the Leadership Team also laid a lot of emphasis on the modern recruitment system by way of breaking the traditional norms of manual intervention and absorbing the newer methods of invading  into the digital  sphere of tapping potential candidates.  The 21st century did  see  a significant rise in technology and has seen modern day recruitment methods growing  in influencing  and making  a difference in landing candidates for organizations all over different States in India with excellent performance.

The Power of Social Media


Karma Management in the year 2021 did take a closer look at the  services of social media, and started  recruiting all through the year till today from such modern day sources by means of  the onset of this new trend arising from the power of the social media  since it was found  both  less expensive and allowed us  to form a vast pool of potential candidates, within a very short period of time. It was observed that Social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have communities where potential employees submit their resumes and credentials in the hope of landing a job and this is where the tapping started in earnest so as to partially break away from the means of traditional recruitment that was happening in the earlier years.

Also, there are dozens of other mediums where we can  take advantage from, when it comes to modern recruitment methods in general and the age old debate of which method is better, was not looked at so much since we found both the workings i.e. traditional and modern appealing to our requirements for timely delivery to clients which was appreciated by all. 

As said earlier in our last blog on making “well being”  a part of employee experience, we will continue to move beyond health and wellness programs to make our employees , both direct and indirectly  outsourced, by giving them a feeling of  “well being and well kept” as a part of employee experience who have been nurtured and nursed splendidly into the fabric of Karma Management Organization, a Global Tech Firm operating pan India and even beyond the shores of India in countries such as Canada, U.S., U.K. Middle East, Far East, Asia etc.

In the coming year of 2022, Karma Management’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Teams will be in topmost gear, riding on the waves of  progress and success that it has witnessed in the concluding year of 2021 where satisfying delivery was made to some of the captive clients who having seen such a marvelous performance, did come back with repeat orders for medium and junior level candidates which indeed gave us a feeling of being overwhelmed and overjoyed.

Yes, our eyes have now been set on the  Indian IT services sector since this will be the area where IT/ITES will continue to embolden its hiring plans for the New Year as companies across industries are splurging their energy in adopting  digital modes of running businesses after the pandemic.  The demand for new age tech talent will increase further in 2022 thus intensifying the already existing acceleration in demand for voluminous talent hunt.

Karma Management will continue to  benefit from a multi-year technology adoption cycle and are confident that its profound adaptation to digitalization, they will be in a competitive position to taking the skilling level to an all time high by sourcing and selecting potentially right candidates to deliver an ascending performance in the client organizations where they will be engaged.


Karma Management being a firm believer of digital versatility and its dominance in the ever changing technology, took some unprecedented steps to adopt digital norms in order to move from its traditional style of working.  In fact, the pandemic was seen to be a chemical agent to lead Karma Management into an age of transformation with its own indigenous tools that have been strengthening our capabilities and deliverance of services to Global Clients with more and more opportunities from them with repeat orders on hand.  All the accompaniments of digitalization such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and chat bot have added to our ever expanding dimensions to make us a renowned “Global Center of Excellence” 

In the new age recruitment of 2022, Karma Management Global Tech Firm will  analyze both, skill and motivation.  Karma will continue to  drill into specific competencies in order to  focus not only on soft skills alone but also  on  notions of ‘culture fit and its core governing values.

Karma Management, in the coming year of 2022, will look to identify both the things i.e. (1) overlooked and (2) untapped talent pools, and along with this scenario, it will continue to adjust its  sourcing strategies which will not only keep on evolving us but will also enable us to look at things that need to be changed by approaching diverse candidates.  

The excellent  recruitment team of Karma Management led by a very senior Recruitment Professional heading the laudable  portfolio, will start to take a look at candidates and judge them not only on the basis of their  cognitive skills – but also will consider  candidates  who ‘work hard, play harder’ and who is able to  contribute to more values and quickly adapt to cultural changes.

Another important aspect that Karma Management Global Tech Firm will downsize in the year of 2022, is that it will  attach less significance to formal degrees but will lay stronger emphasis on job descriptions , excellent communication’ and  ‘highly organized’ skills.  

In the line up to the changing recruitment strategy, it will keenly look at the prospect of  partnering  with external organizations to find qualified talent, may be  government bodies/institutions to find meaningful employment for people who have been off tracked and even those who come with different  employee demographics and diversified cultural practices. 

In this coming year of 2022,  where digital transformation will be a critical means to benefit all of humanity,  Karma Management Global Tech Firm will be  redefining its  journey and will constantly endeavor to ascertain such a position as to be the benchmark in contributing to society and business communities by unleashing human energy through technology for sustainable future in 2022.

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